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2020 Presidential Election Odds & Predictions: DraftKings $50k Election Debate Prize Pool

Find out how you can win big on the final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
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2020 Presidential Election Odds & Predictions: Joe Biden vs Donald Trump In The Final Debate

Joe Biden and Donald Trump meet on Thursday night in Nashville in the final debate before next months election. Online bookmakers are currently giving odds of -600 that Joe Biden will win the final debate, which implies an 85.7% chance. Whereas Donald Trump's election debate odds imply he's only got a 22.2% chance of coming out on top in Tennessee. 

Despite online gambling now being legal in various states, online sportsbooks aren't taking bets on the 2020 Presidential election or the final election debate. However, it's not all bad news, as our friends at DraftKings are still giving US residents a chance to score big on Thursday's debate. 

Draftkings $50,000 Free To Enter Debate Prize Pool

DraftKings $50,000 final debate prize pool is completely free to enter, and winners can score $1,000 by correctly predicting eight outcomes in the final debate. Here's how you can enter: 

1) You need a DraftKings account to enter! Click this exclusive link to create an account in seconds. You will also qualify for DraftKings mega $1,000 sign-up bonus if you ever wanted to have a bet on your favorite sports (T&C's apply)

2) Once you've joined DraftKings you need to navigate to the pools section (on the top menu)

3) Enter your eight predictions (listed below) and click submit 

4) That's it! Now you can sit back and watch the mayhem unravel in Nashville, and hopefully collect a tidy win at the end of the night. 

DraftKings Politics Prize Pool 

As mentioned, there are eight events you have to correctly predict in the DraftKings debate prize pool. These are:

1) Which Presidential Candidate will be the first to speak when walking on the podium? 

2) Which Vice Presidential Candidate will be brought up first? 

3) Which Vice Presidential Candidate will interrupt the other one first? 

4) Which topic will the first question address?

5) Which candidate will use the term "preexisting conditions" first? 

6) Who will be mentioned first by name by either candidate? 

7) Which candidate will mention Dr. Fauci first?

8) Which state will be mentioned first by either candidate?

2020 Presidential Election Predictions

For what it's worth here are our predictions for the eight questions listed above:

  1. Joe Biden - Biden will want to get on the front foot early and stamp his authority.
  2. Kamala Harris - It's a lot more likely Donald Trump would mention Harris performance in the VP debate, rather than Biden mentioning Mike Pence's.
  3. Donald Trump - Trump was a lot more intrusive in the first debate.
  4. Coronavirus - It just has to be...
  5. Donald Trump 
  6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
  7. Donald Trump - Expect a pretty attack on Dr Fauci. 
  8. Pennsylvania - The 2020 US election odds suggest Trump has made some headway in Pennsylvania. 

2020 US Election Odds 

Who will win the 2020 US election? Online sportsbooks currently have Joe Biden as the overwhelming favorite to win the 2020 Presidential election. Joe Biden's odds are currently set at -170 (10/17) which implies he's got a 63% chance of winning the election. 

What are Donald Trump's election odds? According to the bookmakers, Donald Trump has a 40% chance of winning the 2020 election. Sportsbooks currently have Trump's odds at +150 (6/4), which implies he's got a 40% chance of winning. 

Who will win the 2020 US Presidential election? As mentioned, online bookmakers believe Joe Biden will win the election last month. However, online bettors are very keen on Donald Trump's chances, 59% of wagers this month have been on Donald Trump.


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