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2020 US Presidential Election Odds Update: 90% Of Wagers On Biden Since Trump Became Favorite

Bettors keen to back Joe Biden now his odds have lengthened
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2020 US Presidential Election Odds Update: 90% Of Wagers On Biden Since Trump Became Favorite

Every UK bookmaker made Donald Trump the betting favorite just an hour ago, and one bookmaker even thinks Trump has a 75% chance of winning the election. 

Despite the sportsbooks thinking Donald Trump pretty much has the election wrapped up, online bettors still think Joe Biden has a chance of climbing back into the race.

Since Donald Trump became the betting favourite in the 2020 US election odds market, 90% of all wagers placed via OddsChecker have been placed on a Joe Biden victory. Even though the majority of the money is being placed on a Biden victory, Trump has accounted for 58% of actual bets placed on the election. 

'High-rollers' who are more willing to wager higher volumes of money on the election have opted to take the bigger odds and placed their bets on the outsider, Joe Biden. In fact, the ten biggest bets Oddschecker has taken in since Donald Trump became the betting favorite have been on Biden. 

2020 US Election Betting Update

1% Of Money Wagered Since Trump Became Favorite% Of Wagers Since Trump Became Favorite
Joe Biden90%42%
Donald Trump10%58%

2020 US Election Odds

As mentioned, there was a remarkable flip in the last few hours which resulted in Donald Trump becoming the overwhelming betting favorite. However, there are signs Joe Biden is creeping back into the market. 

Joe Biden's odds were around +300 thirty-minutes ago, however, they've since narrowed to +210. This implies Joe Biden's chances of winning the 2020 US Election have increased from 25% to 32.3% in the last half hour.

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2020 US Election Odds

1US OddsUK OddsImplied % Chance
Donald Trump-2254/969.2%
Joe Biden+21021/1032.3%

How Donald Trump's Odds Have Changed On Election Day 

Below you'll find Donald Trump's implied chances of winning (based on the odds)

10am - 38%

1am - 35%

2pm - 35%

1pm - 32%

2pm - 33%

3pm - 32%

4pm - 33%

5pm - 33%

6pm - 33%

7pm - 33%

8pm - 42%

9pm - 44%

10pm - 73%

11pm - 69%

12pm - 56%

1am - 56%

2am - 65%

OddsChecker Head Of Marketing, Sam Eaton "It was at this time in the 2016 election where Donald Trump started to make serious headway in the election odds market. At this stage in 2016, Donald Trump's odds were as low as -400, which implied he had a 80% chance of winning. 

However, Joe Biden's odds are currently a lot shorter than Hillary Clinton's at this stage. Clinton's odds at 10pm (ET time) were +350, but within an hour Clinton's odds shot to +2300, which implied a 4.3% chance. This really is crunch time!"

2020 US Election: Betting On The Election

US residents can't wager money on today's election. However, online sports betting is legal in various states in the US. Bookmakers like DraftKings and FanDuel operate in these states! Click here to find the best betting offers from the biggest sportsbooks operating in your state.


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