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2024 Presidential Election Odds: Barstool's Dave Portnoy Eighth Most Popular Bet For President

There has been bettor support for Stool Presidente, Dave Portnoy, to win the 2024 Presidential Election
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We reported that Dave Portnoy had been added to the 2024 Presidential Election market back in December, but we can now reveals that El Presidente has been a popular wager for bettors.

Dave Portnoy for President?

There have been some rumblings of Dave Portnoy running for President in 2024. It's most likely just conjecture but many fans of Barstool have got behind the idea. It would appear too that the bookies also believe that there is a small chance of it happening.

You were previously able to get a best price of 250/1 that the 43-year old would be the next President of the United States, which implied a 0.4% chance of it happening. The longest odds available now are 150/1, implying a 0.7% chance, which shows that the chances have almost doubled. The shortest price available on Portnoy is 100/1 which would give the internet celebrity a 1% chance of succeeding Joe Biden.

Interesting we've found that over the past seven days there has been continued support of Portnoy, who is the 8th most popular choice in the market with bettors. Donald Trump is the clear leader with bettors and has accounted 46.41% of all bets over the past seven days. Portnoy is 8th on the list with 3.04% of the total bets, but it puts him alongside some other more traditional names, such as Ron DeSantis the Governer of Florida and Nikki Haley who are only marginally more popular with bettors at 3.87% and 4.14% respectively.

Is Dave Portnoy running for President?

As we've previously mentioned, Dave Portnoy has had political dreams before, previously mounting an unsuccessful bid to become to Mayor of Boston in 2013

The Barstool Fund has continued to grow over the past few months and has raised an incredible $36 million to help small businesses suffering with the impacts of Covid-19. It's exceeded everyone's wildest dreams and Portnoy, and his Stoolies, deserve huge credit for the work. Many people have commented that Portnoy is doing more for small business than politicians are during this Covid-19 crisis and the groundswell of support for him continues to grow.

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Dave Portnoy 2024 President Odds

As mentioned above Donald Trump has been the most backed potential candidate over the past seven days despite only being third favorite with the books.

Kamala Harris continues to be better backed Joe Biden with 10.22% backing Kamala compared to just 4.42% backing Biden, with many bettors believing that his age will hinder another run.

Surprisingly another Trump is also very popular with bettors, with Ivanka the third most popular wager to become the next POTUS despite huge 39/1 odds. Ivanka is behind only her father and Kamala Harris when it comes to betting.

2024 Presidential Election Odds

NameOdds (UK)Odds (American)Implied Percentage
Kamala Harris4/1+40020%
Joe Biden5/1+50016.7%
Donald Trump8/1+80011.1%
Mike Pence19/1+19005%
Nikki Haley20/1+20004.8%
Jeff Bezos20/1+20004.8%
Ron DeSantis33/1+33002.9%
Ivanka Trump39/1+39002.5%
Pete Buttigieg40/1+40002.4%
Ted Cruz50/1+50002%
Mike Pompeo50/1+50002%
Dave Portnoy150/1+150000.7%

2024 US Election: Betting On The Election

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