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2024 Presidential Election Odds: Donald Trump Receives 55% of Bets in Last Week

2024 presidential election odds and betting data. The latest 2021 presidential election betting data shows over 55% of bettors backing Donald Trump to win.
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2024 Presidential Election Odds: Donald Trump Receives 55% of Bets in Last Week

If you thought, just because Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, that you would stop hearing about him and the office of the President of the United States, you were wrong.

That’s because, according to the latest 2024 presidential election odds, Donald Trump isn’t just a potential option to win the seat during the next election, he’s the most popular pick among the betting public of late.

As a reminder, presidential election odds aren’t legal to bet on in the United State. But, our friends in the UK have made a habit of betting on our elections. In 2020, it was the biggest betting event in the entire country. Now, it’s looking like the 2024 presidential election odds will be just as popular.

Trump, who was elected as the President of the United States in 2016 but lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, isn’t the favorite yet. But, that hasn’t stopped the bets from flowing in on him to return to the White House.

2024 Presidential Election odds

2024 Presidential Election Odds

Who is going to win the 2024 presidential election? Well, if you think that oddsmakers know best, then you can expect another four years of Joe Biden as the Commander in Chief.

Right now, according to the latest 2021 presidential election odds available in the UK, Joe Biden’s odds to be elected president again sit at +500, making him the favorite. At +500, Biden has a 16.7%implied probability of being elected again.

The second favorite is none other than Donald Trump, and he’s not that far behind the current POTUS. As of Tuesday, Trump’s 2024 presidential odds are +600, implying a 14.3% chance he gets a second term.

The third favorite is current Vice President Kamala Harris. At +650, Harris isn’t far behind Trump as many believe she will be the Democratic Party’s nominee come 2024.

Behind Harris is current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose odds are +1200. Nikki Haley rounds out the top 5 2021 presidential election odds at +2500.

Presidential CandidateOddsImplied Probability
Joe Biden+50016.7%
Donald Trump+60014.3%
Kamala Harris+65013.3%
Ron DeSantis+12007.7%
Nikki Haley+25003.8%
Mike Pence+28003.4%
Pete Buttigieg+33002.9%

2024 Presidential Election Betting

Even though the 2024 presidential election odds don’t favor Donald Trump to win back the presidency, the betting public certainly does.

In the last week, the bets on the US Presidency have started to fly in, and in that time more than 55% of the bets have backed Donald Trump to win the election.

Meanwhile, in that same time period, President Joe Biden has been backed by just 20.54% of all bets, making him the second most popular pick. Behind Biden is Ron DeSantis (4.26%) and Mike Pence (3.1%).

Presidential CandidatePublic Betting %
Donald Trump55.81%
Joe Biden20.54%
Ron DeSantis4.26%
Mike Pence3.1%
Tucker Carlson2.71%

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