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2024 Election Odds: Donald Trump's Odds Take a Huge Hit Following Disappointment in Midterm Elections

2024 Election odds and betting breakdown. Going into Election Day 2022, Donald Trump was the massive favorite to win the Presidency in 2024. Now, after some of the candidates, he endorsed failed, his odds have taken a huge hit.
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2024 Election Odds: Donald Trump's Odds Take a Huge Hit Following Disappointment in Midterm Elections

For a while now, Donald Trump has been the favorite to win the next Presidential Election, according to 2024 Election odds. But, after a huge disappointment for Trump-backed candidates in the midterm elections, Donald Trump is no longer the favorite to be our next President.

The latest 2024 Election odds movement almost certainly has to do with the failures of almost every Trump-backed candidate in crucial swing states. Since they have lost, the sportsbooks have decided Trump's stranglehold on United States politics must be loosening.

In Pennsylvania, both Senate candidate Mehmet Oz and Gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano were defeated. In North Carolina, Bo Hines was defeated. In Georgia, it looks like we're headed for a runoff between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock. And, perhaps the biggest shock of the night is that in Colorado, it appears as though Lauren Boebert has been defeated by Adam Frisch, although that race is still too close to call officially.

On top of all that, Trump's biggest opponent tin 2024 within his own party, Ron DeSantis, came through with a dominant win in the Florida Gubernatorial election, defeating his opponent by almost 20 points.

These disappointing showings have led to a freefall of Donald Trump's 2024 Election odds. What started the night at almost odds-on is now spiraling as the former President of the United States isn't even the favorite in his own party any longer.

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2024 Election Odds - Donald Trump's Odds Take a Hit

CandidateNovemebr 8 OddsNovember 8 Implied ChanceNovemeber 9 OddsNovember 9 Implied Chance
Donald Trump+18734.8%+45018.2%

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Yesterday was not kind to Donald Trump when it comes to 2024 Election odds and his potential for getting elected during the next cycle.

Coming into Election Day 2022, Trump was flying high as the favorite to be the next President of the United States. At +187, his 2024 Election odds were close to even, and his implied probability of winning sat at 34.8%.

But, after yesterday's somewhat disappointing results for Trump, those odds have ballooned. Donald Trump is no longer the favorite, that title belongs to Ron DeSantis (+400). Donald Trump's current 2024 Election odds sit at +450, implying just north of an 18% chance he wins.

2024 Election Odds

Candidate2024 Election Odds
Ron DeSantis+400
Donald Trump+450
Joe Biden+550
Gavin Newsom+1400
Kamala Harris+1600


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