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John Hyslop is here with a massive parlay for Monday's MLB slate. He breaks down his 3-leg parlay coming in at +4290 odds for both the Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees game and the Oakland Athletics vs Minnesota Twins game.

Monday MLB Parlay: Ride Zach Logue, Kyle Bradish in This +4290 YOLO Parlay

You have to be an idiot to actually think you're going to hit one of these YOLO parlays. You also have to be an idiot to hit one. But here's the thing the haters won't tell you. Only idiots hit these things because only idiots play them. We could be those idiots today people. If we're being honest, I don't see any reason to think it's not our day. There are 13 MLB games on tonight people. All we have to do is find a few things to throw in a parlay and we're halfway to being the idiots we always thought we could be. Lucky for us, I scanned through everything a person could possibly scan through. Crunched the numbers, and sorted the data and I think we could be onto something here. This is a parlay for us, true idiots.

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Monday MLB Parlay (+4290) (Bet $100 to win $4290)

*Odds at FanDuel at time of publishing*

You only live once so you should bet like that. I could argue that it's dumb to bet any other way. I mean, we've got FanDuel and they allow us to parlay these long odds. Why would we not do it? I wish we could do it at all the books but this one looks like a FanDuel special. I do apologize to any idiot who can't play this with us. I wish you could.

Kyle Bradish 7+ Strikeouts

First, we've got Kyle Bradish 7+ strikeouts at +560. That's a hell of a price for a guy who just mowed down 11 St. Louis Cardinals. The thing is, he only struck out five guys total in the two games before this so there is that. Still, he looked like he figured some stuff out. We're talking about a guy who struck out 131 guys in only 100 innings of work last year in the minors. He's got gas and he gets a New York Yankees team that just saw Dylan Cease site 11 of them down in the first game of the last series. We just need seven here.

Chris Archer 6+ Strikeouts

Next, we'll do a little trick they teach you in gambling school and that's to play two pitchers in the same game. I don't know why they do that but it doesn't matter. We're doing it tonight and we're starting with Chris Archer 6+ at +176. This guy is all over the map with his outings but he has reached six strikeouts once this season. He's getting the Oakland Athletics tonight who have struck out more this season than all but three MLB teams. This feels right.

Zach Logue 6+ Strikeouts

Finally, we'll settle on Zach Logue 6+ for +164. The thing about him is he's not really a strikeout guy but he's not really not a strikeout guy either. In the minors last year he took 144 guys in 125 innings. That's not terrible. The Twins aren't the best matchup for Logue since they are under 25% in strikeout rate as a team this season but they do have whiffers in the lineup. Logue took out five of them in the start before last so all we need him to do is get one more. If that happens, we'll be well-paid idiots tonight.

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John has spent the past 20+ years betting sports on a daily basis and is considered by many to be a walking sports betting encyclopedia. From obscure player props to sides and totals, if there is an angle, John will find it. His work has appeared on Rotogrinders and he has been a regular on sports talk radio stations across the country. Based in the US, John operates a blog & podcast, Sports Bets Beers, which covers betting angles in the NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL.


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