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John Hyslop is all over JT Brubaker against this Milwaukee Brewers lineup. Check out his prop pick for this action.

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Milwaukee Brewers Prediction: Backing JT Brubaker Against the Brewers

We've got big problems tonight people but luckily I think I might have a solution and it involves gambling. First off, the only bet I'm on starts at 6:40pm ET (Tampa Bay Rays game) and while it's great that we're getting started early, it also means we're ending early. On a Friday night. On top of that, the bet is so good that it will likely end earlier than it's supposed to. We're talking third inning here. Obviously, that presents a problem that only gambling can fix. Don't worry. I sniffed this thing out, went back into the lines and found something that just screams "bet me!" It's prefect too since the game starts at 8:15pm ET which will keep us riding like the champions we are all night long. Think Lionel Richie. What's even better is, the guy we're betting owes us money so we should be even by the end of the night.

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Pirates vs. Brewers Start Time, Where to Watch, and Odds

  • Date: July 8, 2022
  • Game Time: 8:10 pm ET
  • Where to Watch: MLBTV

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Pirates vs. Brewers Line Movement

JT Brubaker Over 4.5 Strikeouts (-125) (Bet $125 to win $100)

We're at BetMGM for this one and I will say, book matters here. If you're at DraftKings, you're good since they have 4.5 (-135). But if you're hanging around FanDuel, I'd watch myself if I were you. Those people are hanging 5.5 (+120) at the moment. While I love the (+) moneyline, the price for 4.5 isn't bad enough at the other books to go swinging wild like that at FanDuel. Just be careful out there.

Obviously, this guy owes us money but the good news is that I went through his game logs and couldn't remember which game he messed up for us. That's how you know the wound he left is healing. That's a good thing. What's even better is BetMGM is calling this guy a 4.5 when he's got 82 strikeouts in 82 innings of work this season. In his career, he's got 259 Ks in 253.2 frames. That's not a 4.5 guy people.

So far this season our boy JT has grown his hair out a little in the back as well as let his beard grow a little bushier and it's paid off. Bigtime. Obviously, the guy owes us money, but when you consider the fact that he's hit 5+ strikeouts in each of his last five starts, you know he's good for it. Plus JT is a name you can trust. Every single JT I've ever known has been a stand up guy that will pay you back anytime he owes you money. I even knew a girl JT once and she was solid too. The name knows no bounds.

Tonight we're getting bailed out by the opponent but we didn't make the schedule. This isn't on us. On the season, the Milwaukee Brewers have struck out more than all but four MLB teams. I had thought that they've cleaned it up a little over the last week since they are 16th in strikeouts but that's a fake number. Those frauds only played five games. You have to play to strikeout so they definitely found a loophole there. The thing is, I know percentages and I know that 47 strikeouts in 164 at bats is 28+%. That's bad. JT has already pitched against these guys twice and fanned six each time. That includes his last start. This game would have to get rained out for JT not to get home on 4.5 tonight.

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