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NBA props expert John Hyslop is here with his three top player prop picks for Friday night's NBA action.

NBA Player Prop Picks: 3 Best Bets For Friday Night

What do you think Friday nights were invented for? If you guessed overs, that's correct. Congratulations. Now I know we've pretty much invented new ways to bet on the NBA over the last week or so with defensive player props, but I think it's time to go old school at this point. Ball in the bucket props is made for Friday nights. You can't have overs without points. That's a scientific fact. So here are three guys I love to go over their points total tonight.

OG Anunoby over 17.5 points (-120)

Raptors vs. Magic Odds

DraftKings has the best number here. BetMGM and FanDuel both are hanging 18.5 on Anunoby at the moment for -110. The price is obviously better, but it's not a big enough difference for me to go higher on the points.

Here is what not a lot of people know about OG Anunoby: he's an absolute beast. He always has been likely since elementary school. The best thing about Anunoby is he takes a ton of shots. We chase volume here, and he's likely to take close to 20 shots tonight. He's scored in the 20s in each of his last three games, so I can't imagine him being priced at 17.5 for much longer.

There is a blowout risk here, but if it happens, I think it will be Toronto doing the blowing out. The Orlando Magic are dead last in defensive efficiency on the season, so they like to give it up. Even if the Raptors do smash, it's likely Anunoby will have this number by the end of his third-quarter shift.

Ivica Zubac over 9.5 points (-125)

Trail Blazers vs. Clippers Odds

Everyone pretty much agrees on where this number should be. DraftKings has it at -125 but FanDuel is right in line at -128. If you have to go to BetMGM, then they want -130 for it, which is reasonable to me.

So truth be told, this one might be a butt squeezer. I don't think this guy has a 20-point run in him or anything like that, but we don't need all that. So we'll be happy with 10 points. Zubac has scored in double digits in three of his first four games, so he knows what time it is. Just get 10, then go sit down.

The Clippers are playing the Portland Trail Blazers tonight, who they just played the other night. In that game, Zubac played 25 minutes which is likely again tonight. He scored 10 points on six shots which is nice, but he didn't get to the free-throw line even once. So if he takes his normal six or seven shots and gets to the free-throw line twice, we should win this one but also work up a pretty good sweat. That's called the jackpot.

Joe Harris over 11.5 points (-120)

Nets vs. Pacers Odds

This one is the same at both  DraftKings and FanDuelBetMGM hasn't posted anything yet for this one, but I'm sure they will come in with something soon. It will likely be the exact same number, but time will tell.

Harris has only done this twice this season, so there is that. But he is taking a ridiculous amount of shots, especially from three-point land. In his last two games, Harris has taken at least 11 three-point attempts. That's crazy. What's even crazier is that he's shooting better from behind the arc than he is from inside. That has to change at some point.

Tonight the Nets get the Indiana Pacers, who operate at the third-fastest pace in the NBA. On top of that, they are second to last in opponent's three-point percentage. If we get an up and down game that stays close, Harris could take 15 shots tonight. It's not crazy to bet that he will score at least 12 points in that environment.

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