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Wednesday's YOLO bet of the day from handicapper John Hyslop. John eyes the NBA tonight to give us a 4-leg parlay that can make us all rich.

Wednesday's NBA YOLO Bet of the Day: Tail This Huge +89451 Parlay

It took me a little over a week but I figured it out people. All of it. Now obviously I didn't think hitting a YOLO parlay was going to be easy but it turns out it is. I was right about taking bets that look like they have no chance of winning. That works all the time. But what I forgot was every leg has to be a YOLO leg. Meaning +300 or higher. In most cases higher. There is no trying to skate by with a few +200 or lower legs. That's not a true YOLO parlay. That's actually just a parlay for regular people. We're not regular people. We're YOLO people so we should be betting true YOLO parlays. It just makes sense.

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4-Leg NBA Parlay Odds (+89451)

Cole Anthony 4+ Made Threes (+310)

This is how you start a YOLO parlay people. You take a guy you wouldn't think would hit four threes and then bet him to hit four threes. I'll be honest, this kid is three-point happy. All he has to do is hit one then he'll just keep shooting. He only took six long-range attempts last night but he took 20 in the two games before that. Tonight Mo Bamba is out as well as Wendell Carter Jr. so the Magic could just go chuck and duck on the Wizards. If that happens, this is the guy that will take 10+.

Gary Harris 4+ Made Threes (+470)

Here's the one that makes you wonder if I've ever bet basketball before. It's the leg of the parlay that doesn't even make sense which makes it perfect. Every time you see one of those winning YOLO parlays it always has one of these. It looks crazy, but is it? The three-ball is pretty much all Harris has at this point in his career. That's it. He's hit at least five three-pointers in both of his last two road games too. If the Magic go chuck and duck tonight, this guy could make it rain.

Terry Rozier 5+ Made Threes (+330)

You won't see a ton of guys that like the shoot the three like this guy. It's actually crazy. In his last nine games, Rozier has taken 10+ three-pointers in five of them. He's hit at least five of them in four of the contests. In two of the games he hit at least five, he didn't even take 10+. Now I don't really know what any of that means, but what I do know is if Rozier knocks down a three or two in the first quarter, he's just going to keep shooting. This is definitely dumb, but not as dumb as it seems. I'd go as far as calling it smart dumb.

Malik Monk 5+ Made Threes (+740)

No YOLO parlay is complete without a +740 type banger. I know it, you know it, why not just throw one in and see what happens. Now I've already bet Monk to go over 2.5 threes tonight but I'm thinking we should get him involved with the YOLO too. I know this seems crazy, but that's by design. It has to look crazy. Every bet in a winning YOLO parlay has to seem crazy to the naked, untrained eye. That's how YOLO parlays work. The thing is, there's actually science backing this up. And math. Monk has played the Sacramento Kings three times this season and has canned at least six threes in two of the games. He didn't even start a couple of them. He just fell off the bench and started drilling threes. Why won't he do it again tonight?

NBA YOLO Parlay Picks

4-Leg Parlay (+89451): (Bet $10 to Win $8,945.10)

  • Cole Anthony 4+ Made Threes (+310)
  • Gary Harris 4+ Made Threes (+470)
  • Terry Rozier 5+ Made Threes (+330)
  • Malik Monk 5+ Made Threes (+740)

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