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Tuesday's NBA YOLO bet of the day from handicapper John Hyslop gives us a 5-leg parlay at +7381 odds that you don't want to miss out on.

Tuesday's NBA YOLO Bet of the Day: You Should Always Tail +7381 Parlays That Have No Chance of Losing

It's time to get dumb. Smart dumb. The thing about a parlay like the one we are about to bet is that they have no chance of winning (unless they do). But, if you're a true gambler, you have to throw these things out there. Not to bring it up but I just tossed out a nice little +8660 NFL YOLO last weekend and took it down (that is an example of one of these things that won). If we're being honest, it was a lot of fun. Who knew? Here's the thing though, you can't parlay a bunch of career games. I've learned that in my YOLO parlay days (I just hit a +8660 one the other day so I know). You have to sneak in stupid looking moves but keep it reasonable. The one I have tonight can barely be called a YOLO parlay since it didn't even break +10000 in odds. But even though it's small, it's mighty. I think it wins easily.

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Tuesday's NBA YOLO Parlay: 5-Leg Parlay @ +7381 (Bet $100 to win $7,381)

Patty Mills 4+ Made Threes (+122)

I hate doing the four-plus threes thing but what choice do we have. No Kyrie, no KD and James Harden doesn't even want to play. This guy doesn't care about anything except banging threes. I can respect that which is why the first guy I thought of when making this parlay was him. He's hit at least five threes in two of his last three games and the last time he played the Lakers he hit eight of them. He only needs four tonight.

Dejounte Murray Over 9.5 Assists (+110)

I think this is a pretty dumb line but I'm taking it. Murray has hit double digits in assists in each of his last three games. He's averaging 22 potential assists in that span so this those totals are flukey. If anything, he could even see more assists tonight. The Spurs are finally healthy and when that happens, Murray has more options. That at least sounds good. I think we should roll with this.

Luke Kennard 3+ Made Threes (+162)

This is the dumb one. Every one of these YOLO parlays has something like this hanging around. A guy that you would never bet even if your life depended on it. Those are always the guys that end up cashing one of these. 100 out of 100 times. I'm a YOLO expert people. I know what these things look like. In fact, I just hit a +8660 one the other day. Anyway, Kennard is coming off of a game where he took 10 shots and all of them were from three-land. Why can't that happen again?

Anthony Edwards 4+ Made Threes (+132)

This isn't that crazy. I hate betting a guy to make 4+ threes but we're talking about a team that pushes pace here. That means more shots. We're also talking about a team that really only lets two other guys shoot the ball. This same team is going up against the NBA's third worst defense in terms of efficiency. Edwards is three-ball crazy at the moment as he's taken 18 in his last two games. What's cool about that is he hit four in each contest. Think about it like this, we only need him to hit one per quarter (math). That feels easy.

Jayson Tatum 10+ Rebounds (+164)

I absolutely hate rebound props because we're betting on whether the ball bounces your guy's way. That feels dumb. Still, there's always a rebound prop in these so we have to have one. Tatum is coming off a nice 50-burger the other night but I like the way he's been cleaning the glass lately. The kid has reached double digits in boards in each of his last two games so this isn't crazy. Against a team like the Kings, you'd have to expect more than a few bricks. I feel like this is a sneaky way to get this thing home. I should know because I just hit a +8660 YOLO the other day.

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