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John Hyslop is all over this Mitchell Robinson prop for today's NBA games.

NBA Player Prop Picks for Saturday: Mitchell Robinson Time

Sports betting is the apex predator of entertainment. There is no better way to pass the time. I checked. Since that's true, we're in for a treat tonight because the best player to bet in the NBA is taking the floor tonight. On top of that, he's on ABC so everyone will be able to see for themselves what betting Mitchell Robinson is all about. The Mitchell Robinson Experience is like no other. It's legit like riding a roller coaster that goes upside down without a harness. The highs are higher than the highest highs you've ever seen and they're made higher by how low the lows can be. The lows are unimaginable. Tonight could without a doubt be the greatest night in gambling history.

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Mitchell Robinson 10+ Points (+142) (Bet $100 to win $142)

FanDuel is the spot since they have the 10+ at +142. DraftKings has 8.5 points posted for -110 which isn't bad but the plus money is where it's at. Especially with Mitchell Robinson. You want to go even numbers with this guy since he is an adventure at the free throw line.

Tonight on ABC at 8:30 pm ET, we'll all see what I can only describe as pure magic. Our guy Mitchell Robinson will be taking on the Los Angeles Lakers and we're getting a beautiful price on his points. Five dunks is all we need here people.

Let's talk about Mitchell a little. He's a guy who lives in the paint and feasts off of put back dunks and alley-oops. Let's put it this way he's currently breaking his own record for field goal percentage in a season and he can't even shoot. The guy is a walking dunk as he's scored 84% of his points in the paint this season. The other 15% have come from free throws.

So knowing that, we need to play him against teams that allow a lot of points in the paint. That's where dunks happen (science). So far this season, only four teams have allowed more points in the paint on a per game basis. In any game that he's played at least 22 minutes against those four teams, he scored in double digits.

LeBron James could play for the Lakers tonight but I don't think it really matters for Mitchell. LeBron won't cover him. Anthony Davis probably will. We just watched Serge Ibaka walk with a 20-burger last time out against the Lakers' frontcourt. All we need here is 10. Should be easy.

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