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Adam Taylor is back with his pick of games from Wednesday's NBA slate, giving you a three-team parlay, and two same-game parlay's to sink your teeth into.

NBA Parlay Picks For Wednesday: Charlotte Hornets vs. Chicago Bulls, Trail Blazers vs. Lakers, And More

Wednesday's Parlay Picks:

NBA Parlay Odds: +369: (Bet $100 to Win $369)

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NBA Parlay Breakdown

When the Sacramento Kings made the decision to trade Tyrese Haliburton (and others) for Domontas Sabonis yesterday, the NBA world went into meltdown. Unfortunately, the Kings won't be able to showcase their new addition in tonight's game but will be missing three key pieces of their rotation, meaning the Minnesota Timberwolves have an even larger advantage than what we would have expected. Sure, in the coming weeks the Kings can likely turn things around, their starting five looks legitimate after this trade, but that isn't going to help them tonight. And the Timberwolves are no slouches this year, I mean, they're not dominating teams, but they're not rolling over either. Over the last two weeks, the Timberwolves have won 5 of their 7 games and somehow are the best offense in the NBA (for the last 14 days remember) while their defense is sitting at 13th for that time period. If we broaden our scope, Chris Finch's men are 9th in offense and 11th in defense, frankly, they're a wildly improved team this year. While the Kings are undoubtedly making moves to chase a playoff spot, and could potentially get there, they're still unlikely to get anything out of tonight's game - short-handed, in shock, and waiting for their roster to be back at full strength, you can understand why. As such, I'm running with the Timberwolves to win tonight, but think a +10-point spread on the Kings is fair, after all, everybody is fighting for roster spots before the new guys arrive.

Another team that's recently orchestrated a trade is the Cleveland Cavaliers, adding Caris LeVert to their roster, which in theory makes them a far more potent unit. After all, we're all aware of how stellar the Cavaliers defense has been this season but have been waiting for the offensive production to catch up. Well, tonight we're going to get a good idea of how this new rotation looks, albeit without Darius Garland and Lauri Markkanen who are both on the injury report for today's contest. The San Antonio Spurs, on the other hand, have reverted back to the mean, and are struggling to produce consistent performances, losing 4 of their last 6 games and ranking 25th for defense over the last two weeks, seven places lower than their full-season ranking of 18th. And that's the difference between these two teams, you see, the Cavaliers have been missing two or more of their core rotation for weeks now, but have still won 4 of their last six, and continue to possess a stringent defense. Now, with the addition of LeVert and facing a stuttering Spurs team, we can expect Cleveland to add another win to their record. I'm giving the Spurs a +8.5-point head start for tonight's contest, which seems fair considering their big-man rotation is finally off the injury report.

Finally, we have the Charlotte Hornets facing off against the Chicago Bulls, and both teams are missing some key pieces. Gordon Hayward, Cody Martin, and Jalen McDaniels are all listed as out for Charlotte tonight, while James Bouknight is questionable to start the day. For Chicago, Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, Ayo Dosunmu, Derrick Jones Jr, and Patrick Williams will be watching from the sidelines (or from home) due to their respective injuries. Still, unlike the Hornets, the Bulls were built to sustain injuries of this magnitude, and can still field a tough 8-man rotation capable of pulling out wins. In fact, despite their health issues, the Bulls are 4-and-4 over the last two weeks, with a top-3 ranked offense for that same time period. The Hornets, who have also been struggling for health, have not been so lucky, losing 5-of-7 over the last two weeks, and struggling for relevancy on both ends of the floor. Luckily for both of these rosters, neither have been rocked by trade talks, and both come into tonight's game with similar rotations to what we've seen all season. As such, I'm favoring the Bulls, primarily due to the talent in their starting five, but expect the game to come down to the final few possessions. That's why I'm backing the Hornets on a +7-point spread, and if for some reason the Bulls lay a goose egg, we can keep smiling because we still get the W.

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Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers Same-Game Parlay

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The Portland Trail Blazers also made a huge trade yesterday, moving on from CJ McCollum in return for some expiring contracts, role players, and draft consideration. However, similar to the Sacramento Kings, the Blazers won't have their new additions available tonight. As such, Portland's talent level looks rather thin right now, especially considering their best player not named Damian Lillard is no longer on the roster. The Los Angeles Lakers, on the other hand, will be happy to face a weakened opponent, as they look to break out of their recent funk. Things in LA haven't been going to plan, and Russell Westbrook is becoming increasingly marginalized in how the Lakers are doing things down the stretch. Still, the Lakers should be winning tonight's games, there's no excuse really.

Before yesterday's trade, the Blazers were 1-and-7 over the last two weeks, and something tells me things are going to get worse before they get better. However, the Lakers haven't been fairing much better, dropping 5 of their last 7 games. At the time of writing, neither team has released their injury report, so we're going off what we know, which is the Blazers have entered free-fall and LeBron James and Co. will certainly be taking advantage tonight. A +13.5-point spread may be liberal, but I think it's needed if we're going to find value in what is a potential blow-out, however, I wouldn't judge you if you opted for the Lakers money line in search of a more sure thing.

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Trail Blazers vs Lakers Line Movement

Utah Jazz vs. Golden State Warriors Same-Game Parlay

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I'm taking a bit of a long shot with tonight's game between the Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz, but I have my reasons, which I'll gladly share. It all starts with Rudy Gobert being out injured, and how much of a knock-on effect that has on Utah's defense. You see, the Jazz might have some reasonable wing defenders, and Mike Conley is a respectable point-of-attack defender, but without Gobert, the Jazz can't funnel offense towards the rim the way they usually do. And when a disjointed defense comes up against Stephen Curry, there's usually only one winner. Sure, the Jazz will look to limit Curry's impact from deep - that's what every team tries to do - but without a solid defensive foundation around the rim, Curry will be relentless in his cutting and penetration.

Furthermore, the Jazz have been a .500 team over the last two weeks, going 3-for-6, and have struggled to maintain their efficiency on both sides of the floor, ranking 12th in offense and 15th in defense over the 14-day period, a long shot from their usual 1st place ranking for the offense. The Warriors, on the other hand, have won all 6 of their games over the last two weeks and boast a top-5 offense over that same period, the team has worked through the bedding-in process for Klay Thompson and looks to be back to their dominant selves. However, Draymond Green, Thompson, and Nemanja Bjelica are all missing tonight, which could make things harder for the San Franciso-based team. But, as I said, this is my long-shot of the day, and it's rare I throw caution to the wind, but with Curry being the Warriors focal point on offense (more so than usual) I feel confident in our player props, and I do think the Warriors can win their game tonight.

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Jazz vs. Warriors Line Movement

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