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Monday's YOLO bet of the day from handicapper John Hyslop. John eyes the NBA tonight to give us a 3-leg parlay that can make us all rich.

Monday's NBA YOLO Bet of the Day: Tail This Monstrous +93380 Parlay

Just so you know, this is probably the dumbest YOLO parlay I've ever bet. Like ever. Since that's the case, that makes it the most likely to hit. That's just how YOLO parlays work. We're going with three different guys to have a triple-double tonight which is pure insanity. Of the three, one guy has only had one in his career (that I know of) which makes it even dumber. The thing is, it's so dumb that it has actually reached a dumb level that makes it smart. We've all seen these types of tickets on social media. They look exactly like this one in terms of dumbness. We need this people.

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3- Leg NBA Parlay (+93380) (Bet $100 to Win $93,380)

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Kyle Kuzma Triple-Double (+2300)

Alright, so this is dumb. Real dumb. I'd go as far as calling it idiotic. Keep in mind, people said the same thing just last Thursday when Kuz dropped his first career triple-dub (most likely) on the Brooklyn Nets. Who's an idiot now? To get this, Kuzma will need to get at least 10 assists which is the one we need to focus on. He'll get at least 10 points and at least 10 rebounds but the assists might be an issue. The thing is, the Wizards are playing the Pistons and they are fourth-worst in the NBA in the opponent assists per field goal made metric. Kuzma is averaging 14.5 potential assists in the two games since Spencer Dinwiddie was dealt. This isn't that crazy (it is).

Domantas Sabonis Triple-Double (+850)

This one isn't as crazy but it's right up there with bonehead bets. Sabonis hasn't had more than seven assists in either game he's played with the Kings but maybe just maybe tonight is the night he gets to double digits in that metric. The Kings are playing the Nets so that's a good thing. We're talking the same Nets that Kuzma just had his first ever triple-double (probably) against. On top of that, Sabonis just triple-dubbed against these same Nets back on January 5th. He was still with the Pacers then but whatever. A triple-double is a triple-double. Sabonis led the Kings last game with 12 potential assists so it's not crazy to think he can dish out a few more tonight. Still, this is a dumb bet.

Dejounte Murray Triple-Double (+310)

This is the one that actually has a chance so I had to throw it in there. Every single YOLO parlay that's ever hit has had a move like this one that looks smart at first glance. Although it's never really that smart to bet a guy to have a triple-double, if I was going to do it, it would be Murray tonight. He's getting the points and assists. We know that already. It's the rebounds that present the issue here. Still, Murray just had a 29-9-12 game against this same Bulls team on January 28th. It's not like it's crazy to ask him to grab just one more board tonight. This could happen and if it does, we'll hit a +93380 parlay.

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