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John Hyslop shares his favorite play from the Baylor vs Oklahoma matchup. He's looking to Umoja Gibson to get it done.

Baylor vs Oklahoma Prediction: Umoja Gibson Drills Threes

Here's what someone with class does in a situation like the one I'm in right now. People are saying they can't bet college hoops player props in their state. While I want to give the people picks they can bet, I can't stray away from the player prop game. I just can't. I'm too deep in the game. I wish I could, but as I said before, I just can't. What I can do is say I'm sorry. If I was in charge every kid on every team in the country would get a number in every possible category. The issue is, I'm not in charge of anything. Not even at home so there's nothing I can do about it. Just know that if I could, I would. And I would start with this +130 banger for the Baylor vs Oklahoma game tonight at 7:00 pm ET.

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Umoja Gibson Over 2.5 Made Threes (+130) (Bet $100 to win $130)

Again we find ourselves at DraftKings for this one. You can always go to FanDuel though because they have the exact same thing posted. Not sure where BetMGM and Barstool is on these player props but I would hope they plan on posting them for the Big Dance. Player props are literally the key to life. I don't know where I would be without them.

I have a theory on three-point defense and it plays here. I think it's all bullshit. At least most of it. Anytime I hear talk of how well a team defends the perimeter I always think about the fact that it's hard to defend a hot shooter. Yeah, you can be better than average, but if a guy is on, then there's not that much you can do.

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Kansas State is a good example. They are 30th in the country in opponent three-point percentage. In their last game of the season against Oklahoma, Umoja Gibson went 7-12 from three-land. The reason I bring that up is because Baylor is 11th in the country in that metric and they have a date with Gibson tonight. His three number is at +130. I don't think we should be scared though.

For starters, I think Baylor will win this game but I doubt the Sooners just mail it in. They could even find themselves in chuck and duck mode and if that happens, Gibson could get wild. The kid attempted more than twice as many threes as anyone else on the Sooners roster this season. He drilled 37.8% of them too. He also went 3-8 last time Oklahoma played Baylor. Suck it haters.

I'm not saying this kid is going to make it rain tonight. I'm just saying I think he gets more than enough looks. He's either going to make the shot or he's not. I think getting him at +130 to drill three from downtown is worth my 7 pm-9 pm window tonight. I'm taking it.

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John has spent the past 20+ years betting sports on a daily basis and is considered by many to be a walking sports betting encyclopedia. From obscure player props to sides and totals, if there is an angle, John will find it. His work has appeared on Rotogrinders and he has been a regular on sports talk radio stations across the country. Based in the US, John operates a blog & podcast, Sports Bets Beers, which covers betting angles in the NFL, NBA, MLB, & NHL.


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