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Who will win Saturday's Final Four matchups and make it to the National Championship? John Hyslop is here with picks and predictions for the Kansas Jayhawks vs Villanova Wildcats and UNC Tar Heels vs Duke Blue Devils games.

Final Four Picks: Kansas Jayhawks vs Villanova Wildcats and UNC Tar Heels vs Duke Blue Devils

It feels crazy to say this but it's Final Four time people. A tournament that started with 64 games for us to bet on has been reduced to just three more. Today will be the last time we have more than one of these games on our televisions. It's sad. But instead of dwelling on the negative, we may as well focus on the positive. The best way I know how to do that is by gambling. It cleanses the soul. Everyone knows that. What gets the soul even cleaner is plus moneylines. I can already feel my soul shining just thinking about the plus money moves I'm about to write about. I can only imagine how you feel reading this. Here are two plus money moves for both games tonight.

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Kansas/Villanova Under 131 (+110) (Bet $100 to Win $131)

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Do I want to do this? Of course not so don't be mad at me. I was given this world, I didn't make it (Tupac). I'm the assistant coach of a sixth-grade girls basketball team so I know all about coaching basketball. How much different could being a volunteer-level middle school assistant coach be from coaching in the Final Four? Exactly.

If I was Villanova, I'd muck this game up as much as possible. There is no chance they can run with Kansas and expect to win. Especially without Justin Moore. I give that a zero percent chance of success. Instead, they need to take all day to shoot the ball like they did against Houston and Michigan. If they get an offensive rebound, take the full shot clock again. Don't just go up with the ball like a bunch of heroes.

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If we get Villanova playing slow, we are well on our way to victory as long as they don't shoot the lights out. They drill three-pointers like it's their job but the Jayhawks don't play that. On the season, only 16 teams in the entire country were betting defending the three-ball than Kansas. They held Miami to 14.3% last game. That's crazy.

If you're worried about free throws, yeah Villanova is the best free-throw shooting team in the nation but if they are behind at the end of the game, we can avoid the brunt of that reality. Neither team has seen a game over 127 in the last two rounds. I think we see another one of those mid-120s games Saturday. Unless they are on fire, then we're cooked.

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Duke Team Total Over 80.5 (+144) (Bet $100 to Win $144)

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Revenge makes the world go around. Everyone knows that. I've been a big revenge guy ever since the first grade. A kid named Jeffrey called me "chicken legs" so that day at lunch I put my sweet potatoes in his chair before he sat down. Like a pro I kept his attention up until the second he sat right in my trap. There's a million things you don't want to sit in when wearing white shorts but towards the top of that list has to be warm sweet-potatoes being served to elementary school kids in the 80s. It's just not a good look. After that, I was sold on revenge. I may have chicken legs but at least I don't have sweet potatoes all over my ass.

The sweet potato story pretty much applies to the Duke vs North Carolina game. Exactly actually. If you haven't heard, Coach K is retiring at the end of this season. So naturally their main rival, North Carolina, beat the breaks off of them in Coach K's last home game. Everyone who was anyone in the Duke world witnessed it first hand. It was glorious.

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But like my friend Jeffrey in first grade, UNC forgot something very important. They may see the guys they were clowning again. Like in the Final Four. This time, all the anger and sadness will be fuel for a "sweet-potato-like" incident. Not just in Duke-world though. We're talking a national stage now. (I know the Duke/UNC game was on ESPN but just go with me here.)

I have a hard time believing Coach K won't sweep the leg Saturday night. He's done this to all of his enemies in his last game against them. Jim Boeheim? He hung 88 on him. Tom Izzo? He dropped 85 on his. Hell, even when the Blue Devils got rolled by North Carolina they hung 81. I hope North Carolina wins this game but it's hard to imagine Duke not scoring at least 81 points.

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