Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Picks & Predictions: The Best Prop Bets For Saturday's Fight

A look at the best prop bets for Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren
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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Picks & Predictions

It's one of the most discussed fights in recent boxing memory, despite both fightters only combining for a total of two professional bouts inside a boxing ring. Love him, or hate him, Jake Paul is a big draw and the general public are fascinated by this fight which pits Jake Paul against MMA star Ben Askren.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Predictions

So who is going to win on Saturday when Jake Paul and Ben Askren finally meet in a boxing ring. It's a question which has really caught the imagination. Taking all personal feelings out about Jake Paul, which is very hard for some, it's the age old question of how fighters from other disciplines can perform in a new discipline.

I personally believe that Ben Askren will overcome the odds (Jake Paul is current bookies favorite) and secure a win. I made my case for Ben Askren previously (you can read that here) but in short it's because I believe that his experience fighting in a competitive sphere, even if it isn't inside a boxing ring, will be a huge boost. Not only that but he's used to going the distance and his motor will keep him going until the end of the fight.

Despite thinking that Ben Askren should beat Jake Paul, you might be surprised at some of my prop bets, in which I've looked for some value on the fight.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Prop Bets

I've already got my moneyline bet in on Ben Askren but come Saturday, when I'll be tuned in via Triller Fight Club, I'll want to have some prop bets on Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren too. 

One thing that I mentioned earlier in the piece is that I believe Ben Askren's experience to go the distance will be key. Throughout his time in mixed martial arts he saw the final bell very reguarly. That grit and determination to continue until the end of the fight will be key here. He won't get gassed out and will be able to continally evade Jake Paul's punches, if we believe the general theory that the YouTuber is the better striker here.

As mentioned, I'm not sold that Jake Paul is a great striker, I think that highlight reel knockout against Nate Robinson has perhaps inflated that reputation. So if Jake Paul isn't a great striker then he's going to have real trouble knocking out Ben Askren. Askren has been knocked out previously, but a Jorge Masvidal flying knee to the face will likely be substantially more powerful than anything Jake Paul can manage. 

In addition to doubts over Jake Paul's real power I'm also convinced that Ben Askren isn't a great striker. As discussed in the previous picks piece that I wrote, he didn't impress me when I went back and studied the film. He is lacking speed or even great technique in his punches, and ultimately he's too slow when attacking and telegraphing what he's doing, making it easier to avoid. We haven't really seen Jake Paul been hit, so you never know how strong or weak his chin is, but let's assume he doesn't have a glass jaw. If neither man has the strength or power to knock the other one out then the odds of +162 for the fight to go the distance is a huge price and one that should be taken.

That leads us on to one of my favorite Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren prop bets, which is Jake Paul to win via decision or technical decision. As mentioned, I think Ben Askren is more likely to win this fight but if the fight goes the distance then can we really expect good officiating. Anybody who has seen Canelo Alvarez fight knows just how some judges can react when the bigger name needs a decision to win. 

Even if Askren does exactly what I think he'll do, use his motor to evade punches, and generally fight on the backfoot, then it won't be hard to see a set of judges award the fight to Paul, if he atttempts to go on the front foot more. That's not how the fight should be officiated but this isn't a traditional boxing fight between two top talents and when you're at a circus there'll be a chance you could see a clown show. Do not be surprised to see some very questionable judges on Saturday. At odds of +700 I'll have a small nibble at that.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Prop Picks

We have two prop bets for Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren, I recommend putting one unit on each.

1u - Fight to go the distance @ +162 (Click To Bet)

1u - Jake Paul by decision or technical decision @ +700 (Click To Bet)

Ben Askren Open Workout

Both Jake Paul and Ben Askren participated in open workouts in the past week. Jake Paul took an unusual approach, doing some stretches before the fight, in a bid to show his flexibility. Ben Askren's open workout was a little more traditional, with some sparring and of course, some bravado. In Ben Askren's open workout he even said that he'd choke out Jake Paul if the GoFundMe was bigger than the contract he has with Triller Fight Club.

How Much Is Ben Askren Making

How much money is Ben Askren making from fighting Jake Paul? It's something that we've all been thinking. Sadly we don't know for sure how much Ben Askren is making because it's not been revealed. We do know that Jake Paul made at least $10 million from his last fight against Nate Robinson. Popular website, Bloody Elbow, has estimated that Ben Askren is making $1 million from this fight but our OddsChecker sources believe that it could be over that.

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