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Lightning Locks is here to preview the Tyson Pedro vs Isaac Villanueva fight. Will the heavy favorite take care of business early?

Tyson Pedro vs Isaac Villanueva Prediction: Will the Heavy Favorite Win Early?

It's no secret that this week's UFC is light on all things name value. With the uber drivers and wendy's cashiers all making their UFC debuts seemingly at the same time on Saturday's card, it's honestly a miracle that we are getting even the slightest bit of mainstays from any faucet of the game, hell I'll even take a Jim Miller or Donald Cerrone, it's that bad.

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Tyson Pedro vs Isaac Villanueva Prediction

As dry as the circumstances have allowed it though, one blast from the past seems to be coming back from the dead and re-emerging into the combat fray: Tyson Pedro. Not to be confused with the fellow Tyson that is fighting in the UK earlier that day, Mr. Vote for Tyson Pedro is an absolute unit or at least was one, unit he tragically blew out every cruciate ligament in the book. 

Now returning from Robocop-esque reconstruction surgery he is looking to once again make a name for himself amongst the low iq sharks of the light heavyweight division, and perhaps the lowest IQ out of those said sharks, Ike Villanueva, has unfortunately gotten the assignment for welcoming him back into the mix.  “We like Ike '' Villanueva is the epitome of an old school Tank Abbot style brawler, who either kills his adversary or gets killed on sight. Like a rabid dog, “Mr Arkansas' ' utilizes a semi-diverse set of boxing combinations to impose his journeyman will on the opposition, where kicks and grappling are as non-existing in his game as the diet he for surely is skipping out on. 

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An interesting tidbit to take note of is out of these gentlemen's last 2000 bouts, none have seemingly made it past the second round. The whole “go out on your shield” premise is largely played out, but expect it to have a reassurance Saturday as that's all this retrograde fighter knows how to execute. The way I see it is pretty straightforward, either Tyson Pedro utilizes his 7 black belts and disintegrates Mr. Ike on the ground, or he just uses his massive Jon Jones inspired reach of 80 inches to promptly piece up the 18-13 fighter into a surefire coma.

Of course, the long layoff is concerning, but if he is to tear yet another “CL” in the cage this weekend, count on it to be under 1.5 rounds. Trust in the process, and Ike getting murdered cantankerously, to bring home your units and then some.

Tyson Pedro vs Isaac Villanueva Pick

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