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The Dana White Contender Series makes its return tonight. Billy Goff has been putting on a show, should you continue to ride with him? Here's who Lightning Locks believes to be good value.  

Dana White Contender Series Odds and Prediction: Should You Ride Billy Goff Against Shimon Smotritsky?

How to Watch Dana White Contender Series

Date: August 2, 2022

Time: 8:00 pm EST

Where to Watch: ESPN+

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Dana White Contender Series Prediction

This Tuesday sees the return of the Contender Series, Dana White’s prestigious feeder system in which our bald commander in chief looks to radicalize some impressionable, scrappy fighters and somehow get them on a 10 and 10 contract all while avoiding prison time and promoting his name to the masses. For every Sean Omalley and Jamahal Hill that the show has produced, there has been an absolute plethora of cans that have been weeded out, or in some cases used as sacrificial lambs to the slaughter whenever a matchup on this week's fight night needs a replacement. 

What can be ascertained with great conviction for the viewing public besides having immense Dana fanfare is the gambling component literally drilled into the program's dynamic. Unless you are some lunatic, normal people with normal jobs simply cannot be bothered watching the b leagues in the middle of Tuesday, not unless there’s money to be made. Let's go over what I believe is the best value in recent memory, and let's hammer it before the line moves.

Billy Goff is a marauder coming out of the CES regional circuit, executing absolute carnage and ruthless aggression whenever it's time for him to fight in the cage. He is fighting SBG victim Simon Smortrisky, an Israeli bum with another extremely padded record and a penchant for getting submitted.

Allegedly having a brown belt, Smortrisky is more bark than bite on the mat, looking to optimize some questionable opportunistic subs instead of positional control, something that got him immediately subbed his last time out against MIke Mallot in under a minute. Goff has faced the better, less fraudulent competition and has a more innate desire to power out of bad spots and win when it goes and gets tough. 

Give me BIlly to persevere out of the 1st round and systematically break down this victim brought in to lose.

Dana White Contender Series Pick

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