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Lightning Locks is back here with another UFC bet. Come find out his John Castaneda vs. Daniel Santos pick, prediction, and the odds for this contest.

John Castaneda vs. Daniel Santos: Can Castaneda Finish Off Santos?

Right smack dab in the middle of the card we have the clash between John "Sexi Mexi" (yes that's his actual nickname) Castaneda and Daniel "WillyCat" Santos. Besides both competitors having obnoxiously decent nicknames, both bantamweight competitors are going to be fighting at a rare UFC 140-pound catchweight, under the rightful assumption that one or two of the pair is having a disgusting time making the weight this week. My money would probably be on Santos being the one with the weight troubles, as his gym in Brazil does not have the resources or weight cut ethic like the American in Castaneda probably does training out of The Academy in Minnesota. Either way, it should not affect the matchup all too much apart from an abrupt cancellation altogether, so we can simply proceed with the technical analysis of the bout. 

John Castaneda vs. Daniel Santos Start Time and Where to Watch

  • Date: Saturday, August 1
  • Time: 7:00 pm ET
  • Where to Watch: ESPN+

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John Castaneda vs. Daniel Santos Prediction

Santos is taller than Casteneda standing at 5 foot 7, but for the inch given in height John more than makes up for with his 69-inch wing span, 2 inches over the Brazilians' 67' reach. While both are Muay Thai strikers, Santos obviously comes from the Chute Box style in Brazil that has made a sensational go of it in the UFC as of late. Definitely implementing more leg kicks overall as well as a capoeira arsenal of moves to add insult to injury, he is definitely going to have more tools in his treasure chest when trading on the feet than Castaneda will have. What the Mexican will most likely implement to level the playing field however is a pressure boxing blitzkrieg acumen, facilitating a drowning pace that will hopefully overwhelm Santos entirely, or at the very least exhaust him as the fight approaches the later rounds.

Even though WillyCat has more toys to play with in the standup, I would still favor Castaneda in this department when it's all said and done as at the end of the day he is probably going to have the superior gas tank and grit against the Brazilian if both their last contests are any indication. Castaneda really impressed me in his previous fight against Miles Johns, in which he was able to combat early adversity and club and sub Miles to death, cashing in as a sizeable underdog and proving to the world he is a player amongst the top of the bantamweights. The same cannot be said for Daniel, as he dropped his UFC debut to formidable tactician Julio Arce and looked visibly tired by the end of their scheduled contested distance. 

So who wins this fight when I stop yapping and the cage door closes for good? While Santos could absolutely shock the world and himself for that matter with an early finish due to like a spinning wheelhouse kick, that scenario is more of a pipe dream than under any semblance of a conceivably realistic outcome. I simply can't get over how tired he was from throwing with such reckless abandon his first time out, not only showing a lack in an internal bicycle but in the fight IQ category as well. Give me the cerebral assassin in John "The Sexi Mexi" Castaneda to get one over Daniel ThunderCat Santos in either a unanimous decision victory or another late 3rd round finish.

John Castaneda vs. Daniel Santos Pick

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