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Best bet for Saturday's Rose Bowl between the Utah Utes and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Handicapper John Hyslop previews Utah vs. OSU and gives us his favorite pick for The Granddaddy of Them All.

Rose Bowl Best Bet: Expect the Utes to put up Points on OSU in Pasadena

At 5:00 pm ET on New Year's Day, we will probably all begin feeling like ourselves again after a long night before. We'll have rested a little by that time, maybe eaten and likely will need some action. A lot of people could opt to wait for the night slate on a day like this but I'm here to tell you that's dumb. You only have so many New Year's Days in your life. Don't waste one by not gambling all day. There are multiple bowl games before this one and you should have action on all of them. Be somebody.

Utah vs. Ohio State odds

Utah Utes Team Total Over 29.5 (-118) - FanDuel

This one matters where you play it so here's the deal. FanDuel has 29.5 at -118 which is where I want to be. DraftKings is -125 which isn't bad and Barstool has 30.5 for -112. I like the lower number for this game. It also should be noted that I couldn't even find team totals on BetMGM for this game. Not complaining, just making an observation.

Here's what I will tell you about Utah; they are going to score all over the Ohio State defense. I could have taken Utah +4 here but that was way too easy. There's not much sport in that. I could have gone Utah ML at +150 but even that is too easy in my opinion. The one I feel best about is the team total over 29.5. That one is for the competition people out there.

First off, I admire the Utes fighting spirit. I had them over 8.5 wins on the season and after they started 1-2 did they quit? No, God no. They played every game like it was the national title game so I highly doubt they stop now. On top of that, their commitment to the 30-burger has been unmatched. From October on, they only failed to reach 30 points one time and that was against Colorado when they dropped 28. Not their fault.

When talking about betting football totals, there's offense and defense. We have a 30-burger offense and now all we need is a 30-burger defense. Ohio State has one of those. You can't go by their Big Ten schedule because they don't see any real offenses in that conference. You have to look at the out of conference teams they played.

One obvious opponent that both teams played was the Oregon Ducks. They were no match for a team like the Utah who boat raced them both times they played (38-7 & 38-10). But for a program like Ohio State, the Ducks were just too much as they beat the Buckeyes 35-28. Now tell me this, if Ohio State couldn't stop and also ran in the Pac-12, then how are they going to stop the Pac-12 Champs? Short answer, they won't.

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