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We've got a sought-after SEC matchup tonight between South Carolina and Tennessee. Can Tennessee put together a dominating game tonight? John Hyslop is here to answer.

South Carolina vs Tennessee Prediction, Pick, Odds: Can Tennessee Dominate This Saturday Night SEC Matchup?

We've got a sought-after SEC matchup tonight between South Carolina and Tennessee. Can Tennessee put together a dominating game tonight? John Hyslop is here to answer.

South Carolina vs. Tennesee Start Time, Where to Watch, and Odds

  • Date: November 19, 2022
  • Game Time: 7:00 pm ET
  • Where to Watch: ESPN

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South Carolina vs. Tennesee Pick

Tennessee Volunteers Team Total 50+ (+170). Bet $100 to collect $270. PointsBet has the best offer, click here

I'm at PointsBet for this one since they are the only ones in the world with these team total ladders. If you can't play there, then DraftKings is the best at the moment with Tennessee Team Total Over 44.5 (-105). FanDuel is close behind with 44.5 (-113) but obviously, DraftKings is much better. We're talking almost even money here people. As for me, it's been a lifelong dream to be able to bet team total ladders and now that I've found a place to do it, I'm shooting my shot. I'm viewing this one as more of a YOLO move because you only live once.

South Carolina vs. Tennesee Prediction

Now I know what the haters are going to say. You can't bet a team to go 50+ even if you're getting plus money to do it. To that I say, of course you can because I just did it. I'm not saying I won't cover it up a little with the over 44.5 (-105) at DraftKings, but I'm just saying it's perfectly fine to make a bet like this. We're talking +170 here people. Think about any time in your life when you were hanging with someone that hit a +170 bet. It was awesome, right? Well, now you're that person. Congrats.

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Anyone who has ever gotten into multiple fistfights in middle school knows what's going to happen here. Especially if they lost one of those fights. It's obvious. You see, a couple of weeks ago, the Volunteers embarrassed themselves, as well as their families and friends when they got curb-stomped by the Georgia Bulldogs. It was supposed to be a great game and the Volunteers just weren't up for the challenge. Here's the thing though. The Volunteers are good. Real good. It's just that Georgia is that much better. Pretty much like a kid that's actually supposed to be in middle school fighting a kid that was held back twice and drives to 8th grade. It just wasn't a fair fight.

What happens when a loss like that occurs is the person who lost immediately finds someone smaller and weaker to beat up on. That's just science. Hence the ass whopping the Volunteers handed out last week to Missouri. But when you get throttled the way Tennessee did to Georgia, you can't just beat up one little kid. You have to kick multiple little kids' asses. That's where South Carolina comes in. They're perfect. If Tennessee wants any chance of getting into the playoffs, they'll have to keep both feet on the gas in this one. Georgia beat these Carolina kids 48-7 earlier this season. That means in Tennessee's brain, they have to drop a 50-burger here. The beauty is they can easily do it even when the backups come in. This one is so simple.

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