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Here’s our early betting pick to win the AFC West

It’s early days, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t value early on these NFL divisional futures! Here’s my breakdown and pick for this year’s AFC West Winner:

AFC West Future – Best Odds:

Kansas City Chiefs @ -153

Los Angeles Chargers @ +190

Denver Broncos @ +1200

Oakland Raiders @ +1600

By the odds, the AFC West seems to be set up for a two horse race, and I’d be very shocked if anything but that occurs.

Oakland saw a little improvement down the stretch last year, and even with the addition of Antonio Brown, there’s still not much to get excited about if you’re a Raiders fan. Gruden will continue to make for good TV, Derrick Carr will more than likely struggle throwing over 15 yard passes, and when combined, it says enough about where the Oakland Raiders are as a franchise right now.

Denver were lacklustre last year, and in preparation for this year, they added Joe Flacco at quarterback to further cement their status as lacklustre for this year as well. They have some interesting running back talents and an okay defense, but outside of that, there isn’t much hope for them and their immediate future.

Now onto the real contenders for the AFC West:

KC come into this season as the only universally minus money divisional favorite in the AFC. They set a crazy pace last year and one that will be difficult to replicate. Feelings are currently mixed on the Chiefs, with many believing that a sobering season could lie ahead, following a thrilling and successful regular season last year. Initially I thought they’d comeback swinging into this year, but the more I think about it, the more I feel like regression is inbound for Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The Chargers spectacularly collapsed in the playoffs last year, but given their strong chase on the trail blazing 2018 Chiefs, I think they can bring that momentum back and push the pace once again. Rivers should be as consistent as ever, and despite Melvin Gordon’s contract issues, I think their chances of clenching the AFC West is significantly closer than their odds suggests. We’re going to take the Chargers to win their division and I’m going to happily place two units on it at a great plus number.

2u – Los Angeles Chargers to Win the AFC West @+190

By Christian Broughton

Article Author


A former sportsbook trader with a passion for mixed martial arts. If there is value to be found then Christian is the man to find it.


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