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Super Bowl 2022 best bets to make right now. Handicapper John Hyslop breaks down his three favorite Super Bowl 2022 bets to make the week before the game is set to start. Don't miss out on these.

Super Bowl 2022 Bets to Bet Right Now: John Hyslop's 3 Favorite Bets

The Super Bowl is over a week away. We all know that but what a lot of us don't know is that we should be betting it now. Is it smart? Probably not, but it could be. The goal is this; when you show up to any Super Bowl party and someone asks what you bet, you need to whip out a two-week-old sheet of paper that looks like an abstract piece of art with every bet you have scribbled on it somewhere. This thing needs to look its been through hell and back. That means starting your bets in the first week and then adding more every day. It could mean Eli Apple +15000 to win MVP bets people. This is the last game of the season, we need to bet like it. I can start your paper out with three bets you need to make now.

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Super Bowl 2022 Bets to Bet Right Now

Matthew Stafford 325+ Passing Yards @ +200 (Bet $100 to win $200)

Odds available at FanDuel at time of publishing

The first week of Super Bowl bets should always be plus money. I can't tell you how many times I've been helped by having a +200 banger that I totally forgot about. This one isn't even that crazy because what if the Rams can't really run on the Bengals. Then what? I'll tell you what, Matthew Stafford will bust out the bazooka and show people what that life is all about. It wouldn't be the first time either since he's done this in each of the last two games. If this game turns into a shootout and the Rams have to play from behind, this could easily happen. Plus you'll look like a genius in front of everyone at the party.

1st Drive - Field Goal Made @ +475 (Bet $100 to win $475)

Odds available at DraftKings at time of publishing

Now, this probably won't happen but that's why you bet it right now. In the dead week. What you want is the legitimate "oh look at that, I just hit a +475 bet that I forgot I made" feeling when the first drive stalls out and they settle for a field goal. That's top-three feeling in gambling that is very rare. Being that the Super Bowl is so far away right now, this is a great opportunity. On top of that, we've got an electric kicker involved in this game so that plays too. I'm just saying, this isn't the worst bet you can make and you should make it now because you might not forget about it if you wait.

Both Teams To Score 25+ Points @ +300 (Bet $100 to win $300)

Odds available at DraftKings at time of publishing

This kills a few birds with only one +300 sized stone. First, it's YOLO action. Right away, I'm interested. Second, if placed early enough, it's defintiely one you can forget you made which we've already spoken about the importance of those wagers. (That's another pretty big box to check.) Finally, it's not that crazy. The nerds are going to tell you that this doesn't happen often in the Super Bowl but keep in mind, these are the same people that didn't feel this ecstasy the last time it happened in 2017. We're due for one of these, and the matchup is right for a 30-27 type game. I can't think of one reason to pass on this one.

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