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MonotoneFootball gives his favorite Player Prop in the Super Bowl, along with sharing his love of viral rookie sensation Money Mac.

Super Bowl 2022: Riding this Evan McPherson Player Prop

Let's talk about your favorite kicker's favorite kicker, Evan McPherson. The rookie sensation has taken the playoffs by storm, with an incredible 100% accuracy on both field goals and extra points. It's not like the kid hasn't been asked to do much, hes 4/4 in every game of the playoffs, knocking down multiple clutch 50+ yard field goals. 

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Evan McPherson OVER 1.5 Field Goals -130 (Bet $130 to win $100)

What more is there to say about the AFC Conference Nickelodeon MVP? Well for one, he's winning off the field. Not only is the rookie boasting a perfect 100% in the playoffs thus far, he's also filing for the trademark for “Money Mac”, while I am a big fan of this nickname, this may be a red flag.

Football fans will remember once up and coming kicker Michael Badgley. Sadly, It all went downhill when the nickname “Money Badger” started to stick, an unusually confident nickname for a kicker, which not only excited the fantasy football and Chargers twitterverse, but it also led to a career downward spiral, being cut from multiple teams over the last few seasons. While I’m rooting for Money Mac to continue his success, I have to say the cards are stacked against him. 

Anyway, now that the important stuff is out of the way, let's talk numbers. The reigning Nickelodeon MVP is over this number in three of three playoff games thus far and it's clear coach Taylor trusts him in the biggest moments. Due to their somewhat unathletic build, and having a job not surrounding tackling 300-pound men, running really fast, or throwing the ball really far, people tend to assume their job is easy. While it might look that way, going 3-3 from 50+ in the playoffs, 12-12 on field goals, and only missing two extra points on 52 attempts during the season may just seem like your run of the mill kicker stuff, it's actually really freaking impressive. 

Another thing you have to consider is Zac Taylor's play calling style. Last week I was very adamant that you can't beat the Chiefs kicking field goals. While I was proven wrong, teams like the Chargers and Bills did have a lot of success playing that style of football against the Chiefs, but if Taylor’s not gonna change his game plan for the DVOA Ranked #1 offense in football then I highly doubt he will against the Rams. 

While data nerds across the country may preach about imaginary concepts like “analytics” Taylor was raised on gold ole fashion football (#TakeThePoints). 4th and 1 on the 22? Send out Money Mac. Need to extend that 10 point lead to 13? Send out Money Mac. While some people may tell you these moves may decrease a team's EV (whatever that means), Taylor learned football the right way, always take the points baby. 

On the Rams side of the ball, they have only allowed this number to one of their three playoff opponents. I'm not gonna take much away from that first Cardinals game, they absolutely crushed them from the second they stepped on the field, the Cardinals were in no position to kick a field goal (they still did down 34-8, always #TakeThePoints).

The Buccaneers did end up hitting, and I actually think the pace of play matches the Bengals more than any of their other playoff games so far. The Niners miss was a surprise, Shanahan is definitely not scared to kick a field goal, but he also happens to play at a snail's pace. While I gave McVay a lot of slack in the week of the Niners game, he put together a marvelous game plan daring to do what nobody has done yet. Instead of trying to speed up the Niners, let's slow them down. The Rams were incredibly patient, with slow and efficient drives reminiscent of Jimmy G on his best days. With that pace of play, and the Niners trailing, they only ended up kicking one field goal.

Overall I honestly wasn't expecting to get a great number here. Money Mac is single-handedly making kickers cool, when I play the Bengals on Madden I don't even go for it anymore, it's only field goals from here on out. 100% success rate in the playoffs, 100% accuracy on 16 kicks in the playoffs, Evan McPherson was built for playoff football, sign me up.

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