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Jason Radowitz shares his prediction for the Gatorade dump.

Super Bowl 2022: What Will be the Color of Gatorade Thrown on Winning Coach?

You read the title. People are about this stuff and you should too. One of the most bet props that have nothing to do with the game itself is predicting the color of Gatorade that is thrown on the winning coach.

It's possible that each team has a different color of Gatorade waiting to be thrown on the winning coach. So first, you have to predict the winning team. Once you come to a conclusion on the team that wins, you can dive into selecting the color of Gatorade.

So what will be the color of Gatorade thrown on the winning coach?

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Color of Gatorade Odds

  • Orange +200
  • Blue +300
  • Yellow +450
  • Clear +450
  • Red: +750
  • Purple +1100

Yellow +450 (Bet $100 to win $450)

If you like the Rams to win, there's a good chance that the Rams will have yellow Gatorade on their sideline.

It seems like the quarterback always has a say on the Gatorade color. In year three with the Lions, Stafford got the Lions into the postseason to help give them their first winning season in 11 years and first postseason appearance in 12 years. After Detroit beat the Chargers, Jim Schwartz had yellow Gatorade dumped on him. Also, Robert Woods had a little profile of him done by Gatorade and they showed him with a shot of yellow Gatorade in his car. During the workout, he drinks Yellow Gatorade. So if you think the Rams will win, yellow seems like the choice.

But also, the Bengals could be using Yellow too.

When LSU defeated Texas A&M in 2018 prematurely, the Tigers spilled Yellow Gatorade on Ed Orgeron. Of course, LSU won the National Championship but didn't pour anything on Orgeron in that game.

However, if you're looking for a different color, Burrow did an interview on Tik Tok with the NFL and said his favorite color was Orange. Of course, the Cincinnati Bengals are orange and it would make sense that the winning team used their own color to celebrate. So keep that in mind, but I still like Yellow to get the win here.

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