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Handicapper John Hyslop is back with his YOLO parlay for the 2022 Super Bowl. John has his eyes on a 2-leg same-game parlay that can make you rich after the big game.

Super Bowl 2022 Same-Game Parlay: Tail This +2200 YOLO Bet

There is only one Super Bowl per year. That's just how Super Bowls work. So since there's only one Super Bowl per year and we only live once, logic says we should have a YOLO same-game parlay on this Super Bowl. It makes sense and everyone knows it. Now we could go player props only but you can't really be too high off of those with only three legs. So I decided to go a different route. At first, I thought, parlay overtime with the exact final score of 30-27. That should get us jacked up. But no book would allow that. Smart because we would have killed them. Still, I think this YOLO deserves some love. It could happen even though I think it has no chance of happening.

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Super Bowl 2022 YOLO Parlay (+2200) (Bet $100 to Win $2,200)

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Leg 1: Overtime - YES

What would make this game better? More of it. After this game, we're going to go months without any football. We all know that and we've accepted it. So technically, we should all be rooting for overtime. It means more football, longer parties, more snacks, more everything. More is just better. And why won't there be overtime? Nobody in their right mind really has a clue what to expect in this game. We've got two quarterbacks that can lead a fourth-quarter drive into the end zone if need be. On top of that, neither coach is going to go for two to avoid overtime. It could happen.

The secret of the overtime bet that no one really talks about is the fact that you're the overtime guy at the Super Bowl party for the whole game. That's a good thing. Anytime there is a tie at any point in the game, somebody is going to shout you out. If the game is even reasonably close, you'll have people doing math trying to figure out what you'll need to happen. It takes a special person but if we're being honest, you can probably handle it.

Leg 2: Winning Margin - Bengals by 5+

This was easy and we can just go back to our old friend math for this one. The math on this checks out. If the game goes to overtime, then the Bengals can still win by 5+. All they need is a touchdown. Math. Now is it likely that a team scores a touchdown in overtime of a Super Bowl? Probably not but if we were doing likely then there is no way you'd still be reading this. Look, the Patriots won by a touchdown when they took the Super Bowl to overtime so it's not like this hasn't happened before. Plus, we don't even need the Bengals to have the ball to do it since Matthew Stafford could easily throw a pick-six. This isn't that crazy.

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Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals Line Movement

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