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BMW Championship Jock MKT predictions and picks for this week's FedEx Cup event. Golf expert Rick Gehman takes a look at the Jock MKT for the BMW Championship and gives us his take on where we should be investing throughout the weekend.

BMW Championship Jock MKT Picks: Matthew Fitzpatrick Trending in the Right Direction

Last week, Rick Gehman's Jock MKT volatile stock play was none other than Will Zalatoris. Does anyone know how he fared? Oh yeah, he won the FedEx St. Jude Championship and gave investors a huge return.

This week, Rick is back again to break down the Jock MKT for the BMW Championship, the second FedEx Cup Playoff event and the final event before the TOUR Championship. There are no cuts this week in the 68-man field, but that also means fewer golfers will return you the minimum of $1.

Who should you be investing in this week? Find out below.

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BMW Championship Jock MKT Preview

How to Invest in the BMW Championship Jock MKT

There are all sorts of things you need to take into account when investing on the Jock MKT. Things like course, vs. current form come into play quite often, as does things that are happening in the real world.

The same goes for current form. Tom Kim has made investors on the Jock MKT rich over the last few weeks. But, do we expect him to perform in a field this strong?

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BMW Championship Jock MKT Picks

Rare Buy-Low Opportunity: Rory McIlroy

Last week, Rory McIlroy was Rick's blue-chip stock that he wanted to invest in and he missed the cut. It happens. But, what that also means is that there will be an opportunity for us to get Rory at a much lower price for the BMW Championship. He likely will not end the IP stage with the highest price, but his potential is still through the roof this week. He is one of the best bets on the Jock MKT. Don't let a one-time miss scare you from hitting this week.

Buy-Low Opportunity Xander Schauffele

Another buy-low chance here in Xander Schauffele. He was disappointing last week but he remains one of the best golfers in the entire world despite that. Here's the thing, we don't need him to win this week, we just need him to outperform his expectations. The fair value on him is just over $5 right now and his upside is way higher than that.

Trending Stock: Matthew Fitzpatrick

Matthew Fitzpatrick is trending in the right direction despite not being a massive name. That seems funny to say about this year's US Open winner, but it's true. He's not as big of a name as guys like Rory McIlroy or Jon Rahm or even Justin Thomas. However, he's trending in the right direction heading into the BMW Championship. Four times in his last five showings he's earned a profit on the Jock MKT. This is an opportunity to get a steady golfer at a low entry point.

Volatile Stock: Kurt Kitayama

Listen, sometimes when you invest in Kurt Kitayama, you're going to get burnt. That's just how it goes. But, some of his metrics on the Jock MKT are truly impressive. Kitayama has the second-best average ROI of anyone in the field over the last ten markets among golfers without a win. He may completely fall flat and come in dead last. But there is a very high chance that he outperforms his expected value.

Penny Stock: Wyndham Clark

Looking for this weekend's Sepp Straka? Well, we may have it here with Wyndham Clark. Clark just got into this event with his play last week. Clark is extremely long off the tee but is notoriously inaccurate. That plays well this week on wide fairways. He can drive the ball, he's a great putter and he's returned a profit in six of his last 10 events on the Jock MKT. Over that time, his average ROI is a whopping 52.8%.

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About Jock MKT

How To Play Jock MKT

When you first play Jock MKT you need to select your chosen event, and then the format you wish to play.

the Jock Market

The Market format is a 'Cash format'. You invest as much or as little as you want and your profit or loss is determined by the change in the value of the shares you own.

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Jock MKT Contests

The Contest Format is the 'Tournament format'. You will buy into your chosen contest for a set entry fee, and every user receives the same amount to start. At the end of the contest, users are ranked by the number of 'chips' they have remaining, and are paid out accordingly.

Jock MKT breaks down play into phases, the initial IPO phase, and Live Trading.

During the initial IPO stage, you are looking to put a big in on your desired player/racer's shares, and this price will be determined by the highest pre-event bid.

A good example of this would be buying low on a golfer at the start of the week, as he is considered a longshot, but you believe he can challenge or outperform his share price. If there is a lot of chatter about said golfer online, then his stock will naturally rise, so the price will be dependent on expectations from the off.

When it comes to Live Trading, you are instead buying or selling the player/racer in real-time. Again using Golf as an example, you may have bought a player at low shares at the start of the week, and said golfer now finds themselves in the mix at the top of the leaderboard. This might be where you would look to sell your shares, as you are worried they might not close, or the price is simply at a number you are comfortable getting out of. This behaves in the same way the stock market would.

The final shares are determined by the total fantasy points and rankings at the end of the game/event.

If your current shares are now worth more than what you paid, you are in the money, and you end the week in positive equity on that selection. If the shares are worth less, then you lose on that selection, and the difference is forfeited. It really is as simple as that.

So why not give Jock MKT a go today, and find out how buying and selling your favorite athletes rewards you in the long run?

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