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At OddsChecker, we know the value of getting the best price on all your bets, and we also know how important it is to have knowledgeable sport handicappers giving you the best sports gambling advice the industry has to offer.

The worst thing you can do is place a bet without having the right information in front of you. Stats and analysis are king in the sports gambling world, and OddsChecker is your one-stop shop for both. Our sports handicappers provide readers with unrivaled statistics and break down the numbers to deliver in-depth analysis on every free pick.

Our stable of expert sports handicappers bring you winning picks in just about every sport you can think of, including:





• College Basketball

• College Football

• Boxing/MMA

• Tennis

• Horse Racing

• Soccer

Our handicappers provide you with free picks and analysis on everything imaginable in order to make sure you win often and turn a profit, no matter your sport of choice!

A Name You Can Trust

OddsChecker has been offering expert picks and analysis around the globe since 1999, building a reputation of trust as a name that millions around the world turn to for sports gambling advice.

As sports gambling legislation begins to pass throughout the U.S., we’re bringing that same proven track record to the States to help gamblers of every experience level with our free picks from expert handicappers.

We never take a penny from you, we simply make sure you have all the important information, picks and best odds in front of you when you go to make a bet.

What To Look For In A Sports Handicapper

When looking for a sports handicapper to follow, it’s important to make sure you’re tailing someone with long-term experience that uses stats and information to support their picks.

All of OddsCheckers’ expert handicappers have years of experience in the gambling industry, along with a proven history of winning. When one of our handicappers makes a pick, they always support it with stats that solidify the side they’re backing.

Those statistics are important. Handicappers that pick based solely off gut feeling can’t sustain success, and those statistics and numbers are used to better improve your chances of winning.

And for those bettors that like to dive into the stats on their own, our StatsChecker tool lets you dig through the numbers in order to try and find your own edge.

Check out Statschecker now!

Transparent Winning Record

Transparency is crucial in the sports gambling world. When looking for a sports handicapper you can trust, it’s important to know their betting history and how successful they’ve been in the past.

At OddsChecker, we make sure all our expert’s free picks are easily accessible along with their W-L record and ROI, which are updated daily.

On our Handicapper Homepage, you can find every single pick our sports handicappers have ever made. We bring you all the tools needed for picking a handicapper to tail in order to turn a profit. It’s as easy finding the sport you’re interested in betting and clicking a handicapper’s name in order to see their full handicapper profile.

What is ROI?

ROI, or Return on Investment, is a tool used to measure the success of a sports handicapper in the sports gambling world. In short, Return on Investment (ROI) measures the amount gained or lost based on the amount of money invested.

ROI is calculated by dividing profit by the number of units staked by a sports handicapper or bettor. Let’s say one of our expert handicappers has given out 10 tips and staked a total of 15 units to those tips, and those 10 tips have returned a profit of 5.727 units. In order to find the ROI, you’d divide 5.727 by 15 and come up with .3818, or a 38.18% ROI.

5.727 / 15 = .3818 or 38.18%

We use ROI for all our handicappers in order to give our readers a way to gauge the success of the free picks made by our experts. That means you’ll always be aware of the current form of every handicapper that appears on the site, giving you all the necessary information to turn a profit and follow whichever handicapper’s free picks suit you best.


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