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Eurovision 2022 predictions, picks, odds and betting preview. If you are looking for the latest Eurovision predictions and odds, we've got you covered. Sam Eaton breaks down the Eurovision betting market and gives his picks.

2022 Eurovision Betting

Eurovision is surprisingly one of the most bet on events each year over in Europe, and this year will be no different.

For those new to the world of Eurovision, countries in Europe nominate an artist or band to represent the country in a music competition each year. There are two semi-finals where the majority of countries look to qualify for the final, but it’s worth noting six countries are granted an automatic final position.

Even though the United States doesn’t feature in Eurovision, you would be foolish to think it’s just European countries taking part, as Australia strangely enters each year.

As for voting, each country's voting panel rewards votes to the artist they prefer. After all, songs have been performed, each country will give two sets of 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points. The views of each country also get a vote, and their votes work on the same scoring system.

As for betting on Eurovision, it’s always worth chancing an outsider, especially since the new voting system came in. The viewers can have a massive say on the overall winner. Given viewers' votes are given right at the end, realistically only the last 5 minutes of voting counts.

Also, the running order can have a big influence on betting. It’s a long night, so ideally your act will have a middle to afternoon slot.

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2022 Eurovision Predictions

Ukraine and United Kingdom are the two favorites to win Eurovision. Ukraine is top of the pile due to unfortunate circumstances, and for me, they are too short in the market. It’s not a guarantee that Eurovision viewers factor in external happenings on the night.

UK have a poor recent record at Eurovision, to bet them at that price would be criminal.

Therefore, I’ve given a few Eurovision predictions that could upset the odds.

Eurovision Prediction: Norway 75/1 (Each-way – 3 places)

If you want to listen to one of the most random songs ever made, I would recommend checking out the Norway Eurovision entry on Youtube below.

The song is bonkers, and a real gamble by Norway. Norway would have a much better chance if they were in the 2nd half of the Eurovision draw, but at this price, I’m happy to still take the risk. 

This Eurovision prediction isn’t just based on the song being strange. Eurovision polls and Youtube listens are normally good indicators of what will happen on the night.

Norway doesn’t top the Eurovision polls, but they are higher than you’d expect for a song with Eurovision odds set at 75/1.

The song has had 4.3 million Youtube views which is considerably more than others in the field. For example, the UK's has had only 2.7 million views.

Norway hasn’t won Eurovision since 2009, but they have had five top 10 finishes since this win.

Eurovision Prediction: Spain 25/1 (Each-way – 4 places)

Spain is another entry polling well in Eurovision polls and also performing well on Youtube.

Spain’s entry has had 4.8 million views on YouTube and tops one of the most reliable Eurovision polls to follow. Plus is second in another poll.

It’s not normally a song I would bet, but the online polls make this a must bet at 25/1.

Eurovision Prediction: San Marino 225/1 (Each-way – 4 places)

You won’t find San Marino on many Eurovision prediction articles, and there’s still a chance they don’t qualify.

However, every year there’s a heavy metal song that performs really well in the Eurovision final. San Marino’s entrant won’t be everyone’s fancy, but it will resonate really well in countries such as Estonia, Lithuania etc.

The band has a real presence on the stage, and will certainly get the crowd going.

It’s certainly an unlikely winner, but with sportsbooks offering three places in the each-way market I would be taking the risk on San Marino.

Once some Eurovision prop markets come out, like top-10, it would be worth exploring a few of these options.

Admittedly this song hasn’t ranked well in online polls.

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Eurovision Predictions: Trust The Eurovision Polls

Below are the results of the last few Eurovision’s, and how they ranked on Eurovisionworld’s online poll:

Eurovision 2021 Poll Results

Italy (11%) - Winner

France (9%)

Malta (8%)

Eurovision 2019 Poll Results

Netherlands (21%) - Winner

Russia (7%)

Sweden (6%)

Eurovision 2018 Poll Results

Israel (16%) - Winner

Cyprus (10%)

Greece (5%)

Eurovision 2017 Poll Results

Portugal (18%) - Winner

Italy (12%)

Belgium (7%)

Eurovision 2016 Poll Results

Russia (15%)

Ukraine (14%) - Winner

France (8%)

Eurovision 2015 Poll Results

Sweden (14%) - Winner

Italy (10%)

Albania (8%)

Italy currently tops the online poll with 18.2k votes, closely followed by Spain with 17.4k votes. Then comes Sweden, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Unless there’s a massive turn in votes, Spain has to be the number one Eurovision prediction at 25/1.

2022 Eurovision Odds

Here are the latest Eurovision odds:

CountryUK OddsUS OddsImplied % Chance
United Kingdom5/2+75011.80%

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