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With a limited slate of sporting events on we have created an overnight parlay with what little live sport is on. Sensible, well-thought out picks to bundle up as a parlay bet

2-Leg Parlay Odds +5300: Turn $50 into over $2600!

Belarussian Premier League Soccer: Belshina Bobruisk v Gorodeya - Correct Score 0-0 @ +500 - Friday 10:00 EST

- The league's bottom two teams have started in woeful fashion. In a combined four games they've only managed to score one goal between them. This makes the 0-0 look very tasty here.

Belarussian Premier League Soccer: Dinamo Minsk v Torpedo BelAZ - Correct Score Torpedo BelAZ to win 1-0 @ +800 - Friday 12:00 EST

- Sportsbooks make Dinamo Minsk favorite but they've been poor this season, losing their opening two games. Torpedo have been a suprise package and have won both of their games 1-0. Dinamo have been leaky at the back so there is a real chance TorpedoAZ could add another 1-0 win to their record.

So, what is a parlay?

A parlay is a single bet that relies on winning two or more wagers and is used to generate larger potential payouts for bettors. Parlays allow you to combine moneyline bets, prop bets, spread bets and pretty much anything else you can think of from different games in order to substantially increase your odds and give you a high-risk, high-reward chance at winning big.

How many selections need to win in order for me to win my parlay bet?

In short, all of them, but there are a few exceptions. A parlay bet is counted as a winner if none of the wagers lose, so there are circumstances like game cancelations/postponements and pushes that can result in an adjustment of odds instead of a loss. For instance, if you have a five-team parlay and three of the bets cover but two of them push, your parlay bet won’t be counted as a loss, your odds will just readjust to reflect a three-team parlay between your three winning bets. However, the second one of your teams don’t cover, the entire bet is counted as a loser.

How do I place a parlay bet?

Parlays are a popular wager type among bettors, and most sportsbooks have recognized this and made it easy for users to create their own.

As you navigate through a sportsbook and add different wagers to your betslip, you’ll usually be given two different options for how you can bet. The first is to bet all your different selections as independent straight bets.

However, sportsbooks also give you the option to parlay all four of those bets together, taking your potential profit and increasing it based on the amount of wagers in the parlay and their individual odds. If you took those same four wagers and combined them into a four-leg, $40 parlay, you’d increase your potential profit to $342.78.

Obviously, your odds of winning a bet decrease substantially when you make a win dependent on hitting all your wagers, but parlay bet payouts can often be substantial enough to entice bettors to take the risk.

Why should I use Oddschecker for my parlay bet?

Simply put, parlays are like every other type of bet in that your potential profit is completely dependent on your odds. At Oddschecker, we do the hard work for you, compiling odds from every major sports book and letting you know which gives you the best chance at striking it rich. Betting on anything, especially parlays, without checking where you can get the best odds is leaving free money on the table. Our odds grids make it easy for you to find which site is giving you the best value before you place a bet.


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