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FD Guru is back, picking who he likes for the Australian Open

We have found our way into yet another Tennis Major coming up here with the Australian Open set to start on Monday February 8th. Like golf, majors in tennis bring a whole new competitive atmosphere to the table. Let’s dive into a couple players who could win this thing on both the men’s and women’s side.

Men’s Australian Open Winners to Bet

Novak Djokovic @ +140 (SAFE)

Djokovic is going to go down as the one of the best tennis players to ever play the game. It’s not everyday that you see a player almost having even odds to win the tournament against the rest of the competition. This says a lot because there is an abundance of talent rolling in this tournament. Djokovic has won the last 2 Australian Open’s in 2019 and 2020. It’s not rocket science to put money down on the clear cut favorite to bring in some decent profit. +140 means if you bet $100 on Novak to win, you will get $140 in profit if he pulls off a three-peat.

Dominic Thiem @ +600 (Riskier)

A riskier play for me with a nicer payout of +600 is Dominic Theim. Thiem finished runner up last year, losing to Djokovic in the final matchup. I wouldn’t be surprised if this year brought up the same finals rematch. Expect Thiem to come into this tournament as a better player with lots of revenge. I like the 6x odds you get with Thiem in this tournament.

Women’s Austrailian Open Winners to Bet

Naomi Osaka @ +550 (SAFE)

The Women’s side of things is a little more of a toss up, due to the fact that they don’t have someone quite as dominant to the competition as Djokovic. Osaka is the closest thing to it however. She is arguably the #1 women’s tennis player going right now and expresses the most potential out of any player out there due to how young she is. She is the favorite out of the bunch this year and +550 is awesome odds in my opinion for some nice profit. It’s also worth noting that she won this tournament in 2019.

Serena Williams @ +1200 (Riskier)

Serena Williams finds herself in fourth for odds to win this tournament. She has won this tournament SEVEN times, and though her age is somewhat of a factor these days, she is still a top tier player with a great opportunity to win this thing yet again. +1200 odds is a 12x your bet payout on Serena, which is possibly the most intriguing bet of the entire tournament.


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