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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned soccer fan or someone that’s new to the sport, betting on soccer is surprisingly easy and very enjoyable to boot. Soccer betting is accessible pre-match as well as in-play, allowing bettors to get the best value on games before and during matches.

Soccer is arguably the biggest sport on the planet, with well-supported soccer leagues around the world, notably the English Premier League and Spain’s La Liga. At Oddschecker, we cover all the upcoming Premier League odds and La Liga odds as well as some of the lesser-known leagues where value picks can be found – some of which are published by our very own soccer analysts.

Where Can I Find the Best Soccer Odds?

If it’s the best-value soccer lines you are looking for, Oddschecker is definitely the best place for all the latest soccer insight. We gather all the latest soccer odds for individual matches in one handy page so that you can pinpoint the best available odds from sportsbooks across the globe.

The best available prices for upcoming soccer games will always be displayed in bold. All that’s left for you to do is click on the relevant bookmaker to be taken directly to their website and specific betting market. If you don’t have an account open with them, you might even be able to land a new customer bonus before you place your bet!

Soccer Betting Explained

What makes soccer betting great and arguably more popular than any other sport to bet on is that it’s played all year round. Although leagues finish at different times of the year, there will always be some kind of professional soccer to bet on. When the English Premier League and the rest of British football finishes for the summer, there are plenty of leagues in Scandinavia still going, as well as North America, with MLS odds very much alive and kicking.

That’s before we’ve even mentioned some of the major international tournaments held during the summer months, including the European Championships, the Copa America and the World Cup. Once you’ve got to grips with soccer betting markets and watching the action unfold on-screen, you can really go to town with it!

Lionel Messi has been a friend to bettors since he made his debut for Barcelona, check out some of his best moments below..

What Are the Most Popular Soccer Bets?

• Full Time result

Arguably the easiest form of soccer betting, think of wagering on the full time result just like the moneyline in American football. All you need to do is correctly predict which team will win the game – or if it will end in a draw.

• Draw No Bet

If you want to bet on a soccer match without the prospect of a draw entering the equation, the Draw No Bet markets could suit you down to the ground. Basically, you can only wager on Team A or Team B to win. If the game does end in a draw, your bet will be voided and your initial stake will be returned to your betting account.

• Over/Under goals

The Over/Under goals market has rapidly become a major talking point among soccer bettors. Those who can correctly predict how many goals a game will feature will make consistent profits here. 2.5 goals is the most popular benchmark in Over/Under goals markets. Those that bet on ‘Under 2.5 goals’ may consider a game to be tight and closely contested, while those who bet on ‘Over 2.5 goals’ may consider it to be a mismatch or a game involving two poor defenses.

• Correct Score

Another of the leading soccer lines that does exactly what it says on the tin. Wager on the correct full time score and you will win your bet. This is often much harder to predict, simply because there are so many possible outcomes in a soccer match, but the higher odds reflect this.

• Both Teams to Score

If you spot that both teams have a weak defense pre-match – or strong offenses – it might be a good ploy to bet on the Both Teams to Score market. The full time result doesn’t matter, all you need is for both teams involved to get on the scoresheet at some point in the contest. On the flip side, you can also bet on Both Teams to Score ‘No’ if you think one team will be shut out by their opponents.

• Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap soccer betting is similar to point spread betting or typical handicap betting. The ideal behind an Asian Handicap market is that a sportsbook will give a goals handicap to both the favorite and the underdog. For example, Manchester City might be given a -2.5 goal handicap against Norwich City, who have a +2.5 handicap. This means that Manchester City need to win the match by three clear goals to win the bet. It’s a way of getting better value odds on heavy favorites – providing they back up their favoritism, of course!

• Accumulators/Parlays

Accumulators, known as parlays in the US, are another adrenaline-fuelled form of soccer betting. Here, they involve you making a bet involving multiple selections; all of which need to win for the overall bet to pay out. This might sound hard to predict, but on the flip side, when you do guess correctly, the pay-off can be very attractive!

What is the Best League to Bet On?

It’s probably best to bet on the soccer leagues that get the most coverage worldwide. This means that the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A would be up there as the best leagues to wager on. In terms of continental tournaments and leagues, the Champions League is the biggest cup competition in Europe, bringing together the best teams in each country to do battle for European supremacy. This makes Champions League odds very interesting to keep an eye on throughout the season. Matches in these leagues are also broadcast live on major satellite TV networks weekly, so it’s easy to keep track of results.

However, a growing number of online sportsbooks are also live streaming soccer matches in more regionalized, obscure leagues. This can be useful if you are able to spot value in these markets before kick-off or mid-game.

The Champions League is one of the biggest Soccer events to bet on, check out the last 10 winners below:

Year 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Winners Liverpool Real Madrid Real Madrid Real Madrid Barcelona Real Madrid Bayern Munich Chelsea Barcelona Inter

When is the World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup is hosted every four years. The last World Cup was hosted in 2018 by Russia, which was eventually won by France in a six-goal thriller against Croatia – the nation that knocked out England in the semi-finals.

What Are the Latest World Cup Odds?

If you are wondering which nations are already being considered contenders for the next FIFA World Cup, at Oddschecker we’ve got World Cup markets open for potential overall winners. Keen to place an early World Cup soccer bet? Don’t forget to use our QuickBet functionality to sort your betslip and place your bet within just a few clicks.


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