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Tennis is one of the world’s most popular sports and a big hit at sportsbooks everywhere. With the exception of December, men’s and women’s professional tennis is played year-round. This is excellent news for bettors who want to enjoy wagering on tournaments and matches throughout every season.

Oddschecker is there every step of the way. We bring you the best tennis odds and bet prices from the Australian Open in January through the ATP Finals in November.

If you are new to tennis betting, you will want to continue reading to learn everything you need to know to start wagering and winning with this exciting sport.

What Are the Most Popular Tennis Bets?

There is no shortage of ways to bet on tennis. In fact, your bookmaker may offer a dozen or more tennis bets. Some of the more popular bets you can make before the beginning of a match include:

• Outright winners (moneyline)

• A player to win against the set spread

• A player to win against the game spread

• Over/under on the total number of games to be played in a match

Additionally, your bookmaker may provide the option to place bets after the match has started. When you bet on a live match, which is often referred to as in-gaming betting, the same types of bets are given as before the match.

However, the odds, lines, and spreads are constantly updated to reflect the ongoing status of the match.

Bookmakers also offer proposition bets, or “props.” These are wagers on specific events within a match that do not directly affect the outcome.

Examples of tennis props include which player will win the first set, total number of aces served by one or both players during a match, and the occurrence of a match tiebreaker.

Where Can I Find the Best Tennis Odds?

Oddschecker compiles the latest tennis odds from top bookmakers operating around the world. We give you the odds in a simple, side-by-side format that is convenient for viewing at a glance on your mobile device or computer.

It’s easy to compare odds using Oddschecker to find the perfect tennis betting opportunities. We cover all your tennis betting needs with up-to-the-minute odds on tournaments, matches, picks and parlays, and much more.

Oddschecker is a 100% free odds comparison service trusted by casual and professional gamblers since 1999.

Tennis Betting Explained

Tennis lines in the US are commonly expressed in the following format:

• -XXX

The negative number represents the favorite and the required stake to win $100. You win less money betting on the expected winner.

• +XXX

The positive number represents the underdog and the amount won for a $100 stake. You win more money betting on the less likely player to win a match.


Betting on EVEN odds pays out the exact amount you wager. EVEN is equal to +100 and means your potential winnings are equal to your stake.

To understand how tennis lines translate to win amounts, consider the odds for a hypothetical match between Roger Federer and Kei Nishikori.

Kei Nishikori +125 Roger Federer -175

Federer is the favorite and Nishikori is the underdog in this match. You must wager $175 to win $100 on a correct bet for Federer. Meanwhile, a $100 correct bet on Nishikori wins you $125. A spread in tennis betting is a number assigned by oddsmakers suggesting the favorite’s margin of victory or underdog’s margin of defeat. For a spread bet to pay out, the favorite (designated by a “-“ sign preceding the number) must win by a certain number of games or sets. The underdog (designated with a “+” sign preceding the number) has a certain number of sets in which the player can lose a match but still cover the spread.

Let’s use an Australian Open men’s final match as an example. You might see odds like this:

Novak Djokovic (-4.5) vs. Rafael Nadal (+4.5)

A bettor picking Djokovic in a game spread wager wins if Djokovic defeats Nadal by five or more games in the match. Conversely, a bet on Nadal pays out if Nadal wins outright or loses the match to Djokovic by four games or fewer.


Outright bets are moneyline bets placed on a player to win an upcoming tennis tournament. You win the bet if the player you select with an outright wins the tournament.

The number of matches, games, sets, spreads, etc. a player wins during the tournament is not a factor in this type of tennis betting.

Winning tournament moneyline bets pay out different amounts depending on the odds given to each player in the competition. Bets on strong players likely to win the tournament will pay out less than players with a low probability of winning.

Outright odds to win the men’s singles title at the French Open would appear like this:

Novak Djokovic +150

Rafael Nadal +350

Roger Federer +800

Daniil Medvedev +800

Alexander Zverev +1600

The odds are presented in descending order of probability to win the tournament. Djokovic (most favorited player in the tournament) is first, followed by Nadal (second most favorite), then Federer (third favorite), and so on. The positive number to the right of each player’s name indicates how much a winning bet on that player pays per $100 stake. Notice how the winning bet amounts grow larger as the odds get longer. Under this example, a correct bet on Djokovic to win the tournament pays out $250 (stake + winnings). A correct bet on Zverev to win the tournament pays out $1700 (stake + winnings).


A tennis betting parlay involves making several individual bets on players you think will win in their matches. Your pick in each included match must win in order for the parlay to pay out. Bettors assume greater risk when betting parlays compared to bets on a single match. However, many bettors find parlays attractive because they pay out significantly more than any single match bet.

Set Betting

Set betting adds an appealing layer of action for many tennis bettors. In this type of betting, you wager on the final result in sets in addition to the match winner.

For example, if Ashleigh Barty is playing Naomi Osaka in a best 2-out-3 set women’s match you could see a set betting line like this:

Ashleigh Barty to win 2-0, 4/6 Ashleigh Barty to win 2-1, 11/4 Naomi Osaka to win 2-0, 11/2 Naomi Osaka to win 2-1, 13/2

If you think Barty will win in a close match, you would bet on the “Ashleigh Barty to win 2-1” line, which pays out 11/4 or $37.50 on a $10 stake.

When Is Wimbledon?

Wimbledon starts towards the end of June and ends in early. The two-week tournament has been played annually in London since 1877. Wimbledon, along with the US Open, Australian Open, and French Open, are the four Grand Slam tournaments of professional tennis. Wimbledon is played as the third Grand Slam during the calendar year.

Where Can I Bet on Wimbledon?

Betting on Wimbledon and other tennis tournaments from the US is easier than ever thanks to new sports betting markets opening around the country. Fans in many states can now wager on tennis lines and other bets before and during matches.

Best of all, online tennis betting with our partner bookmakers is fast, secure, and fun. Simply find the tennis match or tournament you want to bet on, click your desired odds, and place your bet using the Oddschecker betslip. We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t even need to leave the Oddschecker site!

Grand Slam Winners

Who has the most Grand Slam wins of the open era

Slams 20 19 16 14 11 8 8 8 7 7
Player Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Novak Djokovic Pete Sampras Björn Borg Jimmy Connors Ivan Lendl Andre Agassi John McEnroe Mats Wilander

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