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Show GraphGiuseppe Sannino 4/5
Show GraphFelix Magath 5/2
Show GraphDavid Hockaday 8
Show GraphDougie Freeman 12
Show GraphJose Riga 16
Show GraphLee Clark 33
Show GraphSami Hyypia 33
Show GraphUwe Rosler 33
Show GraphAitor Karanka 66
Show GraphBob Peeters 66
Show GraphEddie Howe 66
Show GraphGary Bowyer 66
Show GraphIan Holloway 66
Show GraphKenny Jackett 66
Show GraphMark Warburton 66
Show GraphMick McCarthy 66
Show GraphNeil Adams 66
Show GraphNigel Adkins 66
Show GraphOle Gunnar Solskjaer 66
Show GraphSteve Evans 66
Show GraphSteve McClaren 66
Show GraphStuart Gray 66
Show GraphStuart Pearce 66

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