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Friday Football Paper Talk

All the best football stories from Friday's papers, with Chelsea reportedly close to giving up on John Stones.

Sky Bet's Transfer Specials

There's several clubs in the running for Charlie Austin while Man United keeper David De Gea looks set for Real Madrid.

Live Graham Cunningham chat

Post your questions now for Friday's live chat at 1100(BST) with star Racing UK and Channel 4 analyst Graham Cunningham.

Catch Fire at Goodwood!

Sky Sports racing expert Alex Hammond previews Saturday's racing action and fancies Fireglow to strike for Mark Johnston.

Play the £5k Pick 6

It's free to play and there's £5,000 and free bets to be won. You can make your entries now for Saturday's Pick 6.

Flying Foxes fancied for glory

Leicester can keep up their fast start to the season with another bold performance on Saturday in the Barclays Premier League.

Beardwood fancied for Fahey

Chris Wilson says Beardwood has a fighting chance at Newmarket on Friday - he has a selection in every race.

Man City handed tough group

A look at how the English sides fared in the Champions League group draw, as Man City prepare to face Juventus and Sevilla.

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