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Monday Football Paper Talk

All the best football stories from Monday's papers, with Manchester United linked with Monaco's Anthony Martial.

Sky Bet's Transfer Specials

Charlie Austin was cut from 33/1 to 1/2 by Sky Bet on Sunday to join Manchester United - check out the Transfer Specials!

Sky Bet ease United to 18/1

Manchester United are an industry-best 18/1 to win the Premier League with Sky Bet after they lost 2-1 at Swansea.

Saints off and running

Southampton picked up their first Premier League win of the season as they beat 10-man Norwich 3-0.

Smash hits target in Round Tower

Smash Williams confirmed the promise of his debut when running out an impressive winner of the Round Tower Stakes at the Curragh.

Premier League video reaction

All the best video reaction to the weekend's Premier League action, including Louis van Gaal on Manchester United's defeat.

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