Paddy Power Free Bet & Review

Paddy Power may have started out as a humble bookmaker on the streets of Ireland, but ever since it entered the online arena in 2005 it has become a betting behemoth. Thanks to a combination of cheeky ad campaigns, big bonuses and the willingness to take chances when it comes to spreading bets, Paddy Power is now one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world.

Indeed, by adopting the ethos that a bookmaker should assume the same sort of risk as the punter, Paddy Power has famously offered some of the weirdest, most outlandish sports bets of the last few years. Although some promos have backfired (taking bets on how long President Obama would survive in his first term didn't go down too well with some people), the media attention Paddy Power has received for its eccentricity has made it a household name.

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Best Bets: Breaking Down Paddy Power Sports

While Paddy Power likes a laugh as much as the next man, it's more than willing to be serious when it counts. While there's no doubt that Paddy Power's PR team are great at garnering the attention of the media, their efforts would be in vein if the company didn't have a solid platform to back up its bold bets.

Fortunately, the guys at Paddy Power know this and because of it they've created a site that's as technically impressive as it is aesthetically pleasing.

The Interface

In line with many of the industry's major gaming operators, Paddy Power takes a top down approach and because of this its live bets are situated at the head of the homepage. Listing all the day's live bets, as well as the next five races and suggested top bets, the quick reference structure is perfect for those who like to capitalise on positive market conditions.

Away from instant betting, Paddy Power uses a quick link system on the left hand side of its homepage to help punters navigate to the sport or proposition of their choice. With a single click they can cascade a menu of betting options, from outright winners, to top performers and how many fouls will be committed during a game.

The final element to Paddy Power's homepage is the "round up" section. So called because it contains a review of all the latest promos and your betting action, this right-hand section of the page is there to ensure you stay on top of all the latest action and don't miss one of the site's many deals.

The Sports Betting Menu

One of Paddy Power's main goals ever since it entered the betting business was to cater for punters of all persuasions. Regardless of whether you're a novice or professional, Paddy Power aims to love all and serve all which is why you'll find betting limits as low as £0.10 inside its virtual platform. From sports such as football and golf, to American football, horse racing and boxing, Paddy Power Sports has in-play and future betting markets for every type of event you can think of.

In fact, by far the most interesting aspect of Paddy Power's sportsbook is its novelty bets. In a bid to corner a section of the market that other operators usually ignore, Paddy Power runs a variety of markets focusing on TV events and current affairs. While professional punters won't be too interested in speculating on the next winner of the X Factor, who the next Pope will be or the year the first replacement kidney is bioengineered, but these are great for novice punters.

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The Tech Wizardry

To give its sports betting product a little more spice, Paddy Power has three interesting features that help it stand out from the crowd: mobile betting, expert strategy and live streams.

Probably the most significant innovation of the last few years and one that's in line with the iGaming industry's biggest players, is the creation of a mobile betting app. Catering to both iPhone and Android users, the mobile optimised software gives members full access to all Paddy Power's sports betting options and, importantly, it's always available. By giving its members the ability to wager on the move, it means they can exploit as much value as possible and therefore give themselves the best chance of making a profit.

Away from the Paddy Power's mobile sportsbook is a selection of strategy aids ranging from an odds calculator, form guide, betting blog and the latest event news. On top of this, a live stream from a range of daily sporting events is available to all active Paddy Power members.

The final string to Paddy Power's unique bow is a live streaming service. Available via desktop and mobile, the service gives customers a high definition video link to the day's best events. To access these streams for free, all you have to do is place a bet on the event in question and click the TV icon.

Added Extra: Sports Betting Bonuses and Bargains

When it comes to generosity and hospitality there are few nations that can rival the Irish and this culture of giving shines through when you run through Paddy Power's promotions. To provide the warmest welcome possible, all new customers at Paddy Power are given £30 in free bets when they sign-up and place their first wager worth £10.

Essentially acting as a buffer against bad luck, this bonus is handed out in the form of credits which can then be used to speculate on any of Paddy Power's daily bets.

Of course, this isn't where the giving ends. To help keep its betting markets one step ahead of the competition, Paddy Power will often go one better than its peers. For example, in the Royal Hunt race at Royal Ascot, most online bookmakers pay out four or five places on each way bets. In contrast, Paddy Power traditionally pays out six places, which means punters stand a greater chance of winning when they ante-up with Ireland's top bookie.

This attitude is one that's not only present in the horse racing markets on Paddy Power, but across all markets. In a constant battle to give customers more, Paddy Power Sports will often go beyond its rivals and offer the best odds possible.

View from the Betting Floor

Paddy Power may be known for its cheeky persona and novelty betting markets, but when you peel back the layers you find that it's also a betting operator with a lot of clout. Thanks to its solid betting platform with innovative features such as live streaming and a constant desire to give punters more value, Paddy Power has the substance to back up its style.

Although some online bookmakers enjoy taking a "serious" approach to sports betting, Paddy Power revels in its own eccentricity and that's something customers seem to appreciate. Indeed, with eccentricity comes innovative thinking and when you join Paddy Power you'll soon realise that a little bit of madness can go a long way.

Paddy Power's Highlights:

  • Welcome bonus worth £30.
  • Novelty betting options.
  • Multiple deposit options, including Visa, MasterCard, Neteller and PayPal.
  • Android and iPhone app.
  • Lucrative bonus system.
  • To embrace the madness and become a Paddy Power punter, follow our sign-up link and register your details today.