Betfair Casino Bonus Review

Operating since the year 2000, Betfair has since become known as the largest sports betting exchange. However, beyond the odds and offers of the operator's sports betting platforms, another set of money making opportunities reside.

Housed in a platform known as Betfair Casino, these games run into the hundreds and offer prizes well into the millions and all you have to do to access them is create an account. For existing Betfair customers things are even easier as you simply have to transfer some money across from your sports betting account.

However, if you're in this position you'll already know about Betfair's quality and we don't need to sell it to you. However, if you've never anted up with this operator before then sit back and take a look at some of the reasons we think it's a +EV idea.

Best Bets: Breaking Down Betfair Casino

Although connected to the famous Betfair betting exchange, Betfair Casino is an entity in its own right and, because of this, it's worked hard to distinguish itself as a solid platform. Offering more than 100 slot machines and 50 table games, Betfair Casino certainly can't be considered the scrawny member of the company's betting family.

The Interface

Overall, the look of Betfair Casino can be described as simple yet effective. Following the format used by many of the industry's leading platforms, Betfair has essentially taken a top-down approach to its interface.

Starting at the top of the page you'll find a navigation bar that lists all the available gaming options: slots, jackpots, table games, live casino, card games and arcade games. Each heading has been given some extra life with its own symbol and these icons are then used around the site to create an air of continuity and familiarity.

Below the main menu is a highlights panel which contains images and quick links to the latest promotions and top-rated games. Dominating the centre of the main page, this panel is a great way to introduce new players to the site's popular gaming options as well as giving regular players a timely update on the best deals of the day.

One of the more interesting features within this section is the win tracker. Listed towards the bottom of the panel, these flashing updates highlight the biggest winners of the last few hours. Listing the player’s screen name, the amount they won and where they won it, this feature serves two purposes.

Firstly, it gives players some notoriety and, therefore, "celebrity" status around the site (everyone loves some attention).

Secondly, it shows players what's possible. Novice players often find it difficult to know how much they can win in a particular game and that often stops them taking a chance. However, seeing someone else win is often all the encouragement someone needs to join the action.

The final element of Betfair Casino's top down design is the statistics panels. Following on from the "winner updates", these panels sit at the bottom of the homepage and highlight the biggest winners of the last 24 hours, the newest games on offer, the largest jackpots currently available and the most spun (i.e. most popular) slot machine.

This information also serves to highlight the financial potential of each game and, therefore, acts as a hook for new players.

The Casino Betting Menu

As you'd expect, Betfair Casino contains the usual mix of table games (such as baccarat, blackjack and casino Hold'em), roulette, parlour games (games of chance such as heads or tails) and arcade options, but by far the most numerous games are the slots.

Offering in a myriad of forms, from progressive jackpot slots with 50 win lines to fixed prize games with just three reels, these games provide the core of Betfair's casino product and are a great way to make some serious cash.

Another interesting incentive offered by Betfair Casino is its Zero Lounge Games. This section of the site offers a selection of games (roulette, baccarat, blackjack and video poker) with a reduced house edge. For example, if a player joins Zero Lounge Roulette, they will be faced with a game board that has no zero. The removal of this number means the player will get the true odds every time they spin the wheel. Although betting limits in the Zero Lounge are often restricted, it is a great way to gamble for professional grinders.

Rounding off Betfair Casino's innovative gaming platform is a variety of live dealer tables which allow players to link to a continuous stream of real table games. Upon joining these tables, players will be able to watch as a glamorous dealer spins a roulette wheel or deals rounds of baccarat and blackjack. For those looking to enjoy a more realistic gaming experience, Betfair Casino's live tables are a great feature.

Naturally, a large number of the gaming options listed above are available for both Android and iOS mobile users.

Added Extra: Betfair Casino Bonuses and Bargains

Unlike some online casinos that take a general approach to welcome bonuses, Betfair recognises that all players are different and, therefore, people should have a choice.  As such, new customers are given the choice of two welcome bonuses when they join Betfair Casino.

Of course, before you even make a deposit you're treated to a £5 free gift which can be used in any casino game, but once you've used this credit you can then earn as much as £300 in free cash by choosing one of the following options:

Betfair Casino Welcome Bonus 1 (All Games): If you're an ambidextrous online casino player and like to try both your hands at something new then this is the bonus for you. By depositing a minimum of £10 and playing a variety of games you'll be entitled to a 200% welcome bonus worth up to £300.

Betfair Casino Welcome Bonus 2 (Live Games): If you're someone who likes to be a bit more specific about the games they play, then Betfair Casino's second welcome bonus is worth considering. Designed to reward those who enjoy live dealer casino games, this bonus requires new punters to ante-up in one of the live games for a minimum of £20. After doing this you'll be given a 100% match on your stake and the ability to earn up to £200 in free cash.

Beyond these golden hellos, Betfair Casino has a VIP system which rewards bets with points. Known technically as a comp system, this deal basically gives you the chance to supplement your bankroll by earning and, subsequently, exchanging points for prizes.

Based on the amount of money you wager, these points also determine your VIP status and the more you earn the greater number of additional benefits you can receive.

View from the Casino Floor

Betfair's online casino has been able to fuse flexibility and depth to create a site that's attractive to players of all skill levels.  Because the site has been operational for more than ten years and has interests in all areas of the gambling world, it's been able to create a vibrant online gaming portal. Indeed, in addition to a well-stocked desktop portal, Betfair Casino has a fully functioning mobile network as well as selection of live dealer tables. That should be more than enough to keep you both entertained and profitable.

Betfair Casino's Highlights:

Double welcome bonus system.

Large selection of slots and table games.

Intuitive interface with full search function.

Mobile Gaming and live dealer tables.

Multiple deposit options, including Visa and MasterCard.

To join Betfair Casino and choose one of its fantastic welcome bonuses, follow our download link and register your first account today.