William Hill Free Bet & Bonus Review

A major force on the UK's high streets since 1934, William Hill has been one of the biggest adopters and, subsequently, innovators in the online sports betting world for more than a decade. Using its credentials and reputation as a high street bookmaker in the UK, William Hill is now perched atop of the internet betting tree thanks to a bevy of bankroll-boosting products and offers.

Indeed, aside from the technical wizardry powering the platform, William Hill offers betting on a range of sports, including football, tennis and horse racing. Of course, like any leading online sportsbook, William Hill does not simply stick to the basics. In order to ensure every sports fan is catered for, "Billy Hills" offers daily, weekly and monthly markets for so-called "exotic" sports, such as GAA hurling, MMA and pool.

This diversity and attention to detail are what has made William Hill one of the leaders in its field and, moreover, a place where all punters, regardless of their experience or persuasions, can make some serious cash.

Best Bets: Breaking Down William Hill Sports

As well as having a well-stocked bevy of sports betting options, William Hill has also focused on the way it delivers its product. Simply offering a plethora of propositions and not thinking about how your customers are going to access them is a mistake by any bookmaker's standards. Fortunately, William Hill has not fallen into this trap.

The Interface

Using Playtech's software expertise and its many years in the betting market, William Hill has managed to put together a slick virtual platform that is simple to read and easy to navigate. Indeed, any sports betting expert will tell you that one of the most important things you need in order to make money in the industry is speed. Finding the best odds and pouncing on them without delay is what separates the winners from the losers and William Hill has endeavoured to make its platform as ergonomic and compact as possible.

When you visit William Hill, you will find the main sports betting categories listed across the top of the page and a list of live betting options inside the main portion of the interface. Below that you will also find a list of the day's highlights and best bets, which means you should be able to find the best odds with as little effort as possible.

The Sports Betting Menu

A well-crafted system without enough sports betting options to fill it is like having a treasure chest without any gold in it. Fortunately, William Hill has the substance to back up its sparkle thanks to a myriad of sports betting options. As stated, all the staple offerings common in the online betting world are available inside William Hill, which means you can ante-up on football fixtures, horse racing meetings and boxing bouts.

However, running alongside these options and adding an air of variety to proceedings is a mixture of alternative sports, such as darts, MMA, handball and e-Sports. By catering to all sides of the sports betting community, William Hill is not only able to offer a greater breadth of bets, but also a greater depth.

In the gambling world, liquidity is brought about by options and the more options an operator can offer, the more choice per sport a punter can have. By placing a stake in every sports market, William Hill is able to generate more buzz across its platform and, therefore, make all of its markets more bountiful.

The Tech Wizardry

To round off its sports betting interface, William Hill has a host of additional features such as a bet calculator, daily news bites and a presence on various social networking sites. Indeed, in the spirit of keeping in touch with its members, William Hill is keen provide constant updates via Twitter and Facebook. For punters, this is great because it means they can jump on a new betting bonus or some attractive odds at the drop of a hat.

Another interesting aspect of William Hill's platform is its dedicated sports betting TV channel. Known as William Hill TV, the daily videos are designed to give aspiring punters the latest hints and tips for a range of sporting events. By far the most valuable part of William Hill TV is the horse racing advice that is regularly dispensed by the site's resident expert.

To complement these videos, a compressive advisory programme for both amateurs and professionals is on offer. Indeed, as part of this service, all punters are able to follow William Hill's successful bettors, check out hints from community advisors and lead their own group of friends with personalised betting groups.

The final part of William Hill's virtual bookmaker platform that gamblers will find useful is the regular sports podcasts. Designed to outline the latest news and events in the sporting industry, these will serve as a great learning tool for anyone wanting to increase the size of their bankroll.

Added Extra: William Hill Bonuses and Bargains

To complement its sports and software options, William Hill is also a leader when it comes to online betting bonuses. All new customers get £20 free after making their first bet of £10 or more and from there the free cash flows. One of the staple promotions offered by William Hill is the cashback offer. Dressed in a number of guises, these deals allow punters of all persuasions to get money back when they lose. Whether this is in the form of free credits equal to their bet, a future bet on the same sport or a further bonus, William Hill is always ready to hand out consolation prizes to those who falter at the hands of lady luck.

The latest innovation in the online sports betting world and one that William Hill has been quick to jump on is the "cash-in" bonus. Sometimes even the best laid plans can come unstuck, but at William Hill that does not mean you have to lose out. At any time during a bet, William Hill will allow you to cash in your bet for a certain price. This is great if you have "that feeling" something isn't going to go your way.

With the simple click of a button you can end the bet before its scheduled time and either limit your losses or make a small profit. Having this facility is great for regular sports bettors and something that helps separate William Hill from the pack.

View from the Betting Floor

William Hill has gone from high street bookmaker to online innovator in a short space of time and it is this ability to move with the times that has made it a leader in its field. Today, William Hill's online sports betting service offers the best functionality, the top odds and enough bonuses to make sports betting a profitable proposition for anyone.

William Hill Highlights:

  • Easy-to-read interface with a myriad of betting options.
  • Solid in-play betting service.
  • William Hill TV with dedicated horse racing streams.
  • Place transactions using Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Ukash, PayPal, Bank Transfer and more.
  • Cash-in option to help increase profitability.
  • To start your William Hill betting adventure today, follow our dedicated download link.