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MNF Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals NFC Wild Card: Top Anytime TD Scorer Bets

NFL analyst Tom Viera is here with the best anytime touchdown scorers to bet for the Monday Night Football NFC Wild Card game between the Rams and Cardinals.

Tom Viera
January 16 | 5:00pm | 6 min read

Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals Best Bets: Expect an Offensive Explosion for the Rams

NFL betting expert Albert Nguyen takes a look at the Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals NFC Wild Card game on Monday Night Football and gives his best bets to make for it here.

Albert Nguyen
Jan 16, 1:55pm
3 min read

Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals MNF: Tail This +3500 Anytime TD Parlay

The Los Angeles Rams are taking on the Arizona Cardinals to close out the Wild Card round. Here's an anytime touchdown parlay for you to try.

Matt McCuen
Jan 17, 5:14pm
5 min read

Miami Heat vs Toronto Raptors Prediction: Will Max Strus Produce?

This game should be a fun and close one. I found a play that could be a quick winner for us if he gets hot. Can Max Strus produce?

Josh Gayle
Jan 17, 4:47pm
4 min read

Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals MNF Best Bet: Is There Value With the Under?

Our guy Lightning Locks takes a look at the Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals matchup and shares his favorite play.

Lightning Locks
Jan 17, 3:51pm
5 min read

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Nashville Predators vs St. Louis Blues Prediction: Expect a High Scoring Affair

Between the St. Louis Blues and Nashville Predators, you can expect a lot of goals tonight.

Tone's Takes
Jan 17, 2:18pm
4 min read

Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz Same-Game Parlay: Cash in With This +500 Parlay

Matt McCuen has a +500 same-game parlay for us between the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz.

Matt McCuen
Jan 17, 1:59pm
4 min read

Monday Night Football Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals Best Bet: Trust The Better Coach

Matt McCuen shares his best bet for the Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals Monday Night Football matchup.

Matt McCuen
Jan 17, 1:40pm
4 min read

Monday's NBA YOLO Bet of the Day: Ride This +66428 Parlay

John Hyslop is trying his luck at a massive +66428 yolo parlay for the NBA today. Is it just crazy enough to work? Maybe.

John Hyslop
Jan 17, 1:26pm
5 min read

NBA Player Prop Picks for Monday: Ayo With the Dishes

John Hyslop shares one of his favorite player prop plays from today's NBA games.

John Hyslop
Jan 17, 12:49pm
4 min read

Picks And Parlays Explained

At OddsChecker, we bring you the best picks and parlays for all major sports in the United States. Our site is run by sports fans for sports fans, and we don’t take a penny from you. If you want to find out more about what picks and parlays are, how to use them in your betting, and where to find the best ones, check out our handy guide below.

Finding the best free picks and parlays can be difficult. It can be hard to find experts with a track record of spotting trends and making the right calls ahead of each game. That’s why we are open about the record of our handicappers.

Each of the picks and parlays on the OddsChecker website shows you which handicapper has made these predictions. We also show you their recent performance in making picks, showing you their most recent wins, losses, and their ROI.

With expert handicappers that are passionate about their chosen sports and a data-driven approach to picking, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality picks and parlays to bet on. So whether you’re looking for NHL picks, NFL moneyline picks, or a soccer parlay, OddsChecker helps you to bet smarter.

There are countless ways that you can bet on sports games, so it can be difficult to decide which wagers to make. That’s where our expert picks come in. There are some variations from sport to sport, but for the most part, the most common betting picks are:

● Moneyline Picks

● Over/Under Picks

● Picks Against the Spread

● Parlay Picks

Read on to find out how each of these work..

Outright bets are one of the easiest types of bet you can make, so it’s no surprise moneyline picks are the simplest picks to understand. In a moneyline bet, you just choose the winning team or player. if you pick right, you win the bet.

No matter whether you’re looking to bet on College Football or the NBA, OddsChecker publishes new moneyline picks every day, providing detailed analysis behind the pick. Our handicappers use expert insight and analysis to find winning picks to give you the best chance of finding value from your bets.

Moneyline odds are easy to read and are usually expressed with a number with a + or - before them. Odds with a + will pay out more than the original stake, while a – will pay out less (plus your original bet).

So, if you bet $10 on +200 odds, you’ll receive $30 back ($20 + your original $10 stake).

If you bet that same $20 on -200 odds, you’d get $15 back ($5 + your original $10 stake).

Odds with a - are usually given to the favorites, while odds with a + are typically given to underdogs.

Finding bets that will beat the handicaps set by leading American sportsbooks can be difficult. That’s why our experts review all the available data to produce totals and over/under picks for all major sports, including MLB,Boxing, MMA and even UFC.

They’ll examine the offensive and defensive trends of each team, account for their past performance, and factor in any patterns relating to home-team advantage, weather, time of day, and how long a team has been on the road.

At OddsChecker, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Spreads are designed to help even out the odds between teams, meaning fans can bet on either side even if one is a strong favorite. Without it, there’s little incentive to bet on an underdog.

When you bet against the spread, you’re betting that the underdog will win, or that it will lose by less than the point spread. These can be great bets to make and have proven very popular for Football and Basketball fans.

Our team of handicappers pick the best ATS bets to make for all major sports. These free picks against the spread are available through our website and are updated regularly ahead of each game.

A parlay is a combination of multiple wagers together into a single bet. Parlays are also sometimes known as accumulators, combo bets and multi-bets. Parlays increase the amount of money paid out for a winning bet, but it also worsens the odds.

A parlay will typically contain 2-10 separate bets together, and as a general rule, the more bets included, the higher the return. However, the odds worsen inline with this increased return as you need all wagers to be successful.

Since it’s a single bet, a parlay will be shown on one betting slip or receipt, rather than you receiving one for each wager. Because parlays are more difficult to correctly pick, it’s even more important to use the expert knowledge of handicappers who can spot the best opportunities.

At OddsChecker, our team are knowledgeable in every sport from horse racing to soccer and from college football to the NBA. So no matter what sport you want to make a parlay bet on, we always have the best picks available.

Check our free parlay calculator which will allow you to input the betting odds to quickly calculate the payout of your bet.

To win a parlay, all of the wagers in your bet must be successful. If your parlay contains wagers on five different games and you have picked right in the first four, but then lose the fifth, then you’ll receive nothing.

While it’s more difficult to win a parlay, the rewards are typically much higher. For example, a parlay containing 10 teams could yield $10,000s from a bet as small as $25. Some bettors enjoy the risk/reward ratio of a parlay, so prefer to make these types of bet.

If your parlay is successful, you’ll receive your winnings from the sportsbook just like you would with any other sports bet that you make.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to bet on individual NFL games, Super Bowl futures, NHL, or the UFC Fight Night, when you’re looking to bet on free sports picks, you want to know which handicapper made them.

OddsChecker is transparent about who makes its free picks. The name of the handicapper behind the pick is displayed clearly, along with their past record and ROI. This lets you find the handicappers who have had the most success.

Our team of handicappers live and breathe their chosen sports. They make it their business to know everything there is to know, tracking injuries, spotting trends, and finding opportunities to make great bets.

When you use free picks from OddsChecker, you can be sure you’re making the bets with the best chances of success.


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