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Top Live Sports Betting Sites

Live betting (also written as in play betting and in game betting) is one of the fastest-growing sectors in sports betting—and for good reason. Live betting is one of the most exciting options bettors have from leading sportsbooks, which let fans wager live on outcomes as they happen during live events.

Think you can keep up? Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of live sports betting.

Top Betting Sites for In-Game & Live Sports Betting

US-based bettors have some of the world’s leading brands at their fingertips. Even better, top companies are always looking for an edge of the competition, which means punters can find the best free bet deals alongside features like live stream betting and in game betting.

Aren’t sure where to get started with live betting sites? Check out the top six sportsbooks that offer live betting, listed below. Each sportsbook offers punters something slightly different, so be sure to consider betting needs like sports markets and wager type in addition to the type of live betting line. Keep in mind that a solid mobile app is important for a successful in-stadium live betting experience.

Here are the leading sportsbooks that offer in play betting:

• FanDuel: FanDuel is an incredibly popular company serving US bettors, which specializes in diverse sports markets alongside its DFS features. FanDuel’s platform is one of the easiest to use in the industry, which makes it a suitable option for those new to betting.

• BetMGM: BetMGM is one of the most recognized brands in the US thanks to its longstanding presence in Las Vegas. With decades of experience as a retail sportsbook, BetMGM has some of the best deals in the industry, which are designed for specific bet types (including live sports betting). From its platform to its markets, BetMGM has a seamless betting experience for punters.

• Caesars: Similar to BetMGM, Caesars benefits from decades of experience in Nevada. The sportsbook has some of the most competitive and lucrative odds in the US, as well as a mobile and internet interface that are easy-to-use for live sports betting.

• DraftKings: Alongside FanDuel, DraftKings has been a part of the US betting scene for over a decade. The group began as a DFS provider, then transitioned to offer betting markets on a range of sports. Looking to bundle DFS into your betting experience? Like FanDuel, DraftKings provides a well-rounded experience, which includes live betting.

• PointsBet: Since jumping from Australia to the US, PointsBet has become wildly popular for its welcome deals and free bet offers. At the moment, PointsBet is expanding its betting markets in North America. Those looking for a sportsbook with a global span will find PointsBet to be a top-tier option.

• Unibet: Similar to PointsBet, Unibet relies on killer promo deals to help attract new bettors in North America. With a long list of bet types and markets after decades of running in Europe, Unibet is a paradise for bettors interested in a range of different sports. Those looking for a seamless mobile app and a live betting line won’t be disappointed.

What is Live Sports Betting and how does it work?

Live betting, also known as in play betting and in game betting, lets punters wager on the outcome of the game as it unfolds. As the game progresses, sportsbooks update their lines—whether covering outright winner, point spreads, or prop bets related to individual player and team statistics.

This means bettors can wager on updated lines according to what’s happening in a game. For example, the Chiefs may be the favorite to cover the spread (-3.5) against the Ravens (+3.5), but an unsteady performance from the Ravens could mean sportsbooks update these odds to Chiefs (-12) and Ravens (+12) at halftime or earlier.

In this example, the sportsbook has updated a live betting line to reflect the game’s action. This lets bettors make quick decisions based on how the game will continue. Live betting is also trending for its emphasis on player props, which cover bets like which player will score first or how many total points they’ll score in a game.

Live Sports Betting for Beginners

As discussed above, live betting sites let punters make decisions at the drop of a dime. Unsurprisingly, this type of quick decision-making makes it popular for seasoned bettors—but that’s not always the case. When it comes to live betting, a solid understanding of team and player stats is often just as important as experience.

Aren’t sure if you’re ready to take a stab at live sports betting? Keep reading below for three advantages and disadvantages to live betting. And don’t forget that many punters opt to sign up for a free bet offer before they try something new, as this mitigates the risk involved.

Advantages of live betting


• Bookmakers are making decisions just as quickly as you are. Live betting sites update lines as the action unfolds, which means details can sometimes fall by the wayside. These gaps are perfect opportunities for punters to take advantage of great odds… and the occasional slip-up from oddsmakers.

• Diving deep on prop markets. Before a match, sportsbooks focus on bets like outright winner, handicaps, and over/unders. But during a match, bettors can wager on smaller outcomes like which team will score next and what player will score. These markets are constantly expanding, too.

• Quick turnaround. Live betting means the outcome of a wager is known almost immediately. Though some prefer to make a long-term futures bet, many are also attracted to the quick-paced nature of in game betting.

Disadvantages of live betting


• Going with the gut. When things start moving quickly, some fall back on gut instinct—which seasoned bettors know to be dangerous. Be sure to keep in mind pre-game analysis. No matter what happens in the game, pre-game information is still relevant.

• Live betting via mobile app isn’t perfect. Though many North American stadiums are scrambling to enable 5G, quick Wi-Fi isn’t the only prerequisite for a good live betting experience. Always be prepared for some in-app delays, even from top brands.

• Getting click-happy. As a sportsbook updates its live betting line, some punters get distracted by the new offers. It’s easy to keep clicking on new bets during an exciting game in a charged setting—just be sure to wager on updated odds mindfully.

Which Sports Allow Live Betting

Live betting is an exciting way to wager on a range of sports, with new in play betting options emerging each year. From the presidential election to eSports to football, live betting markets are available right now.

Remember, live betting is largely a stats game, which means that punters that have in-depth knowledge of specific players often make leaner decisions on-the-fly.

Here are a few sports and events with live betting markets, with a few popular bets listed for each:

• Football: Which player will score the next touchdown? Will an interception be thrown on the next play? Will the next drive lead to a touchdown, field goal, or turnover?

• Horseracing: Which horses will finish in the top three? In horseracing, this is especially relevant to horses that start with an unfavorable draw, then start strong from the barriers.

• Tennis: Will there be a break point in the next game? What will the game score be after two, three, or four points are played? Will the set go to a tie break?

• Golf: Which player will post the best score for a certain hole in a matchup? Who will lead in points per matchup? What will a golfer’s overall score be?

• Hockey: Which team will lead at halftime? Will there be a hat trick?

• Baseball: Which team will win, and by how many points (updated run lines)? How many homeruns will be hit? How many points will be scored in an inning?

• Esports: Which team will win the match? Which player will post the first kill or map?

• Cricket: Which batter will score the most runs? What will the score be when the first inning ends? Which team will score the most sixes?

• Boxing: Will a fighter win by TKO, KO, or disqualification? How many punches will a fighter land in a given round?

• Presidential elections: Which party will win? Which party will win the majority in the Senate or House of Representatives?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is live streaming free on betting sites?

Many betting sites provide live streams to enable live stream betting. This lets bettors follow the action while they update their wagers. Live stream betting is a popular feature in Europe, which is now becoming more standardized in the US.

Is live sports betting safe and legal?

Live sports betting is legal wherever sportsbooks are legal. Live betting is also safe—so long as a punter opts for a trusted sportsbook. Here at OddsChecker, we take the work out of finding a reliable and competitive sportsbook. See our free bets page for the best offers from global betting brands.

Which are the top 3 sites for live sports streaming?

Though becoming more popular, not all sportsbooks offer live stream betting today. Here are three of the top sites from brands listed on OddsChecker:

• Bovada

• 888sport

• bet365

How to win at live betting?

A punter’s success in live betting often comes down to their experience with that sport, as well as their knowledge of stats related to the teams and players on the field. Looking for a few extra insights about how to win at live betting?

Stick to these tried-and-true tips:

1. Opt for an interface that works. A punter should choose a betting app or live streaming bet service that functions reliably without glitching. It should also be an interface they’re comfortable navigating. As mentioned above, things can move quickly in live betting, and it always pays to understand a platform.

2. Hedge your bets. Some bettors find it beneficial to wager on both sides, then capitalize on live betting options to make one more profitable based on how the game is unfolding.

3. Plan ahead. The easiest way to make live betting successful is to go into a match with an understanding of what types of live bets you’ll be open to. This may sound easy, but it’s important to keep these plans in mind when the Vikings start upsetting the Saints in the NFC playoffs.

4. Keep an eye out for the ‘Better Odds’ button. Live bets tend to be extreme compared to the conservative estimates given before a game starts. Most sportsbooks include a handy ‘better odds’ selection, which alerts bettors that their original bet’s odds have improved. Any improvement to an existing bet is a solid play—every single time.


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