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Here are the latest Super Bowl Winner odds from all of the biggest sports betting sites in Virginia. Navigate to our NFL homepage to see all the latest NFL odds for upcoming games. Click on the odds to place a bet with your favorite NFL betting site.

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Where Can I Find The Latest 2023 Super Bowl Odds?

OddsChecker connects you to the latest 2023 Super Bowl odds from a variety of sportsbooks. Each year, oddsmakers offer futures bets on next year’s championship winner shortly after this year’s Super Bowl ends. That’s right—Super Bowl odds 2023 are already available.

Click on ‘more odds’ above to see the current Super Bowl betting odds from the US’s top sportsbooks, from DraftKings to BetMGM. Lines are updated constantly to make sure punters have access to the latest NFL Super Bowl odds and deals.

Ready to learn more about wagering on Sunday Funday? Keep reading below for:

• Instructions on how to read Super Bowl odds

• Various bets offered on Super Bowl odds and other championship events

• Key strategies for betting smart on all things Lombardi-related

How To Read Super Bowl Odds Futures Market

There is a range of bets available for the Super Bowl, but the most popular is outright winner. Odds to win Super Bowl are written in standard American format with a plus (+) sign in front. This number shows what a punter stands to win on a $100 bet.

How To Bet The Super Bowl

Betting on NFL Super Bowl odds are some of the most exciting NFL wagers for punters to dive into. The most popular bet predicts the outright winner, but there are other popular futures markets attached to the championship game. Some are also prop bets that look at individual performances and even non-sports-related outcomes related to Sunday Funday. Let’s take a closer look.

Super Bowl odds are given as futures bets. The highest-value odds on Super Bowl betting odds 2023 are offered immediately after a champion is named from the previous season (in this case, the Buccaneers). As the season commences, analysts update their odds to win Super Bowl according to team and player performances, similar to how they make NFL picks all season long.

Aside from choosing an outright winner on NFL Super Bowl odds, other popular futures bets include:

• Point spread: just like in a regular-season game, sportsbooks offer a handicap for one Super Bowl team. Point spread bets are written with a minus (-) to indicate the margin of victory by the favorite; a plus (+) to show what margin of loss the underdog must exceed. Need a recap? Check out OddsChecker’s NFL betting guide.

• Over/under: whether the score will go over or under a set number.

• Parlays: bundling multiple bets on the Super Bowl together. Keep in mind that in order to win a parlay bet, all legs of the bet must be fulfilled.

• Live betting: in-play features allow punters to wager on smaller events in the game, such as whether the next play will end in a touchdown.

• Win totals: how many games total a team will win in the regular season.

• MVP Award: which player will receive the Super Bowl MVP award. The NFL announces its recipient the day before the Super Bowl.

• Rookie of the Year Award: which player will receive the Rookie of the Year Award. These are announced the day before the Super Bowl, as well. The NFL awards one offensive and one defensive player.

• Playoffs: whether a team will make it to the playoffs.

Prop bets are also offered on Super Bowl betting odds and are popular amongst punters. These can cover a range of topics, including the halftime performance and commercial breaks). Some of the most popular prop bets offered on current Super Bowl odds are:

• Coin toss: rather than which team wins the toss, this bet covers which side the coin lands on.

• Team to score last or first

• Which player will score a touchdown first

• Which QB will have more passing yards

2023 Super Bowl Betting Strategy

There are a variety of factors that analysts study before setting their odds to win Super Bowl. Not only do they follow player performances and injuries, but they also study larger patterns for teams related to the postseason and draft picks.

As mentioned above, the highest-value odds to win Super Bowl can be found when oddsmakers first release their lines. One betting strategy is to bet on a team’s opening Super Bowl odds. By August, pundits have solid information on a team’s roster, coaching staff, and schedules to make more informed decisions on their NFL Super Bowl odds. At the start of the season, the odds won’t be quite as profitable, but you’ll be able to make more accurate picks.

When it comes to betting strategy on Super Bowl odds, one key piece of advice is to find a reliable analyst. Sports pundits usually offer in-depth breakdowns on football odds and picks. It’s easy for punters to pick up a few tricks of their own by diving into blog posts from leading pundits on Super Bowl betting odds.

Here are a few key tips for betting smart on Super Bowl odds 2023:

• Take advantage of opening odds

• Compare Super Bowl odds from leading sportsbooks before choosing who to wager with

• Study past winners (Super Bowl, as well as MVP, Rookie, and other awards)

• Compare a team’s regular season performance with their history in playoffs (regular season records don’t necessarily predict a winner)

• Check out NFL free bet offers when signing up with a new sportsbook

What are the latest odds on the Super Bowl?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the favorites to win the Super Bowl with odds of -125 to win it all on Sunday February 12. The Kansas City Chiefs are +105 in the moneyline market for success.

Who are favored to win the Super Bowl?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the betting favorites to win the Super Bowl with odds of -125.

For the current Super Bowl odds, check the odds grid above.

What different types of bets can I place on the Super Bowl?

Punters can place a wide variety of bets on Super Bowl odds—it’s one of the most exciting events to wager on North America. You can bet on the outright winner, as well as a variety of prop bets.

Some of the most imaginative Super Bowl prop bets include:

• What color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach

• How long a performer will take to sing the national anthem

• Whether the halftime performer will use a football as a prop

• Player-specific bets

Who won the 2022 Super Bowl?

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20.

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