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ROI 84.62%
Lou Monaco
Sweet Lou is a sportswriter with a passion and skill for picking winners on the track. Lou always knows when there's a horse you should be backing, whether it's the favorite or a longshot.
ROI 73.33%
Carl Nicholson
Carl has been making his living via betting, and only betting, for over 30 years on both the American & UK/Ireland racing markets. He's also written best-selling books on horse racing. Carl's mantra is “horse racing is only a game & should be treated as such,but be a winner at any game you play."
ROI 27.27%
Brad Evans
An award-winning writer and handicapper, Brad Evans is known for his humorous approach to sports gambling, specializing in the NFL and College Hoops. #FadeTheNoise
ROI 110%
Steve Bunce
Steve Bunce is one of the most well known faces in British boxing. A broadcaster with a deep knowledge of the sport.
ROI 108.63%
Brian Good
Brian is a sports journalist with close to ten years of experience in the business. A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan with a passion for the all things sports gambling.
ROI 00.00%
Minty Bets
Well-known sports gambling personality Minty Bets has been giving out her NFL, NHL and MLB picks for years, and winning lots of money for those who choose to follow.
ROI 00.00%
Rucker Haringey
Sports journalist with an eye for the statistical side of betting. If there's an edge in the numbers, Rucker will find it
ROI -46.00%
Andrew Champagne
Andrew Champagne is a horse racing handicapper with a specialism in juveniles. One thing is for certain, Champagne gets the party started.
ROI -39%
Sam Farley
A lifelong football and basketball fan with years of experience in the sports gambling industry, Sam is known for his incredibly deep knowledge of all things NFL and NBA
ROI -25.68%
Christian Broughton
A former sportsbook trader with a passion for mixed martial arts. If there is value to be found then Christian is the man to find it.
ROI -2.11%
Dan Canova
Expert handicapper known for his deep knowledge of all things NBA and his ability to pick winners
ROI -18.32%
Stephen Rodriguez
Expert handicapper for both NBA and NCAAB with years of experience in the business
ROI -100%
Ben Rolfe
Ben is a football guru with years of experience covering the NFL. You can always count on Ben to pick a winner on Sunday!
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We are Oddschecker, a 100% free to use website, run by sports fans for sports fans. We partner with trusted bookmakers to compare the odds across a range of different types of bets and sports.

We also give you the power and control to find the best bets for you. Aside from just comparing the best odds in real time, we use our in house sports experts to provide you with the best free winning predictions, picks and parlays for just about every sport. This includes finding you the best MLS predictions and Premier League picks so you can make the right decisions ahead of each game.

Soccer is the fourth most popular sport in the United States, behind football, baseball and basketball. It is also the third most watched sport in the country, while almost 10% of the country partake in the soccer games. If you are one of these soccer fans, Oddschecker is your home for soccer picks, predictions and parlays.

Where Can I Find The Best Free Soccer Picks?

We love soccer. We live and breathe corners, free kicks and penalties. We can recite the offside rule, and we can even tell you who won the FA Cup in 1972 (it was Leeds United). What we don’t know about soccer, isn’t worth knowing.

We don’t just watch every match. We analyze every kick, goal, and foul. We scrutinize player transfers and follow all the latest rumours about managers. We make sure that we know every statistic possible so that we can provide the best soccer picks, predictions and parlays.

We’ve got picks for just about every soccer league you can think of. including Major League Soccer, the English Premier League, the Polish Ekstraklasa, and France’s Ligue 1 & 2. Our soccer fanatics put together predictions for most major matches and tournaments.

All of our soccer picks, predictions and parlays are completely free. We don’t take a penny from you. We simply ensure you place the right bet at the best value.

What Are the Most Common Types Of Soccer Picks

At Oddschecker we have a wide range of soccer picks that cover many leagues and cups, as well as the different types of bet that you can place. These include:

● Moneyline - bets where you simply you pick which team you think will win. Our soccer picks will tell you which teams are looking good.

● Over/Under - over/under bets let you pick where the number of goals will be over or under a given target. In soccer, you can bet on the whole match or either half. Our soccer predictions will help you in making these betting decisions.

● Team or player to score - a popular bet in soccer is to wager on whether a particular team or player will manage to get a goal during the game. Our soccer experts regularly point out which teams and players look most likely to land one in the back of the net.

● Cup or League Winners - it’s not just games you can bet on. Our soccer picks will show you the best bets on the overall winners of competitions like the MLS Cup and the Premier League.

Where Can I Find Winning Soccer Predictions?

A lot can happen in 90 minutes (plus any additional time), but a lot of it can be predicted if you study past performances hard enough. Our soccer experts live and breathe the sport, analyzing the performance of each team and all of their players, stay abreast of all the latest transfer rumours, and scrutinising each game.

This unrivaled knowledge means we can bring you the best soccer predictions to help you make the right bets and get value for money.

What Leagues Do We Offer Picks and Predictions On?

At Oddschecker, we love soccer. That is why we analyse games and follow the performance of teams in leagues from all over the world to bring you the best soccer picks and predictions. Our experts cover domestic, foreign and international soccer, to be sure you make the right bets, no matter where the game is played.

Some of the leagues we offer soccer predictions and picks on include:

Major League Soccer

MLS is the highest level of club soccer in the United States. It is made up of 26 teams, with 23 based in the US and 3 in Canada. Unlike soccer leagues in Europe, its season runs from March to October and operates a playoff system, similar to the NFL, NBA and MLB. At Oddschecker, we follow every second of Major League Soccer, so we’ll bring you the best MLS picks and predictions throughout season.

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UEFA Champions League & Europa League

The UEFA Champions League is the highest level of competition across the European continent. Top teams from countries across Europe compete to just get a place in the tournament. Some of those that fall short make it into the Europa League, the continent’s second tier competition. Some of the continent’s biggest clubs, like Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich have all won the Champions League. At Oddschecker, we follow European soccer closely to find you the best soccer picks and predictions.

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English Premier League

The English Premier League is arguably the biggest and most famous soccer competition in the world. England is the country that invented soccer, and its 10 tiers of soccer divisions help to nurture some of the best soccer players in the world. It’s not just home-grown talent though, the big names like Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea help to attract many of the world’s best soccer players to compete in the Premier League.

At Oddschecker, we live and breathe the Premier League. Our soccer experts follow every game, analyse every player transfer and track the performance of every club to bring you the best Premier League predictions and picks.

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Other Foreign Leagues

Soccer is one of the most watched sports around the world, with major leagues in countries across every continent. At Oddschecker, we bring you the best soccer picks and predictions no matter whether it is for the German Bundesliga, the Scottish Premier League, the Spanish La Liga Primera, or Turkey’s Super Lig.

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