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College Basketball
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Each year, millions of fans wait in anticipation for basketball season to begin. Since its inception in 1939, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) annual basketball tournament has grown into one of America’s most treasured sporting traditions. It is considered by some to be the most popular sporting tournament in the world. Because the NCAA oversees a variety of college sports, it is often referred to as NCAAB when referring to basketball.

The single-elimination tournament that determines the ultimate winner is commonly referred to as March Madness. During this time, the men and women’s college basketball teams within the NCAA face off for the championship title.

There is a rich history behind March Madness. According to the NCAA, the term (appropriately named for its springtime occurrence) was coined in 1939 by Henry V. Porter, an Illinois high school official. However, the phrase did not become widely popular until it was used by sports broadcaster Brent Musberger in 1982.

During the tournament, 68 men’s teams and 64 women’s teams compete. Because the frenzy has gained such popularity during the better part of the past century, fans have taken to betting on the games. Making college basketball predictions adds another exciting aspect to a time of year when spectators are devoted to the court.

Where Can I Find The Best Free College Basketball Picks?

During March Madness betting, people are on the hunt for free March Madness picks. They typically turn to the Internet to help them make the best decisions. Getting pointers from a general picks section is a good place for betters of any level to begin.

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When it comes to making selections. one should also understand how NCAAB odds work. Positive and negative betting odds are terms to understand before going into betting.

Positive betting odds show how much money a person will win if they risk $100. If the odd is sitting at +200, a $100 bet will potentially pay $200. If the odd is +350, a winning bet would pay $350 with a $100 wager.

Negative betting odds, on the other hand, determine how much money a person will have to risk in order to win $100. If an odd is sitting at $-120, someone would have to bet $120 to come out ahead by $100. That means that if they bet $100 and are successful, the total they would walk away with would be $220 with a $120 profit. If the bet were lost, the person would lose $120.

College Basketball Picks Explained

To get a better grasp of college basketball picks and how they work, it is helpful to know how the tournament works. March Madness kicks off with 68 teams competing. There are hundreds of college basketball teams in the NCAA, and the 68 teams are chosen in two ways. Thirty-two of them earn their place in the tournament by winning the most games in their conferences. Thirty-six are hand-picked by a NCAA committee, which makes its selections based on the stats and performance of the teams as the regular season plays out.

March Madness may have earned its name in part by the short time span it takes to go through such a complex lineup. While 68 teams go head-to-head during the first weekend, only 16 of them advance to the second weekend. Of those, half go on to compete. Those are narrowed down to the famous “final four” games, and the outcomes determine which two teams will play in the final game. The winner of the final game is the NCAAB’s national champion.

In the betting world, college basketball picks offer the best predictions for which teams will win the many different games that take place. While March Madness happens in March and April, the regular season begins on Nov. 5. Some fans choose to start their betting at that time rather than waiting until the playoff games.

What Are The Most Common Types Of March Madness Picks?

There are many ways that people bet. Here are some of the most popular.

Some people place bets on one team winning a game by a certain number of points. Others participate in what is known as over/under betting, where the combined score of the game has to be over or under a certain amount to win. Moneyline wagers describe when you are betting on a team to win a game outright.

Another popular form of betting is known as futures betting. Futures bets are for those who start placing bets early in the season. With a futures bet, a person may decide to bet on the NCAAB champion before the season even begins. The anticipation that comes with futures betting is appealing for some, because there are not yet any season stats available to help. It is all up in the air and unpredictable.

Parlays are another common type of bet, and they are the most challenging to win. With parlays, betters must win multiple bets at once to receive a payout. They can include 2 to 20 games, and a person must win each one to be successful.

These are only a few of the many types of bets that people can place. There is much variety in the sports betting world, which is one of the reasons the activity is so popular.

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Who Provides The Best March Madness Predictions?

Some bettors decide to take an organic approach to betting. This means that they carefully watch the matches and use their best judgment to predict which teams will do the best as the tournament moves into the long-awaited final game. Others, however, opt for expert assistance in hopes of making the best choices.

Oddschecker is one of the most popular places for finding college basketball picks. The information on the website helps betters make the best March Madness predictions, giving daily insight into the best picks.

In the midst of the excitement, it is anyone’s guess as to who will be crowned the NCAAB champion. Betting provides a fun way to hype up the season leading into the final match.


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