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ROI 84.62%
Lou Monaco
Sweet Lou is a sportswriter with a passion and skill for picking winners on the track. Lou always knows when there's a horse you should be backing, whether it's the favorite or a longshot.
ROI 73.33%
Carl Nicholson
Carl has been making his living via betting, and only betting, for over 30 years on both the American & UK/Ireland racing markets. He's also written best-selling books on horse racing. Carl's mantra is “horse racing is only a game & should be treated as such,but be a winner at any game you play."
ROI -6.67%
John DaSilva
John DaSilva is a Horse Racing handicapper that isn't afraid to go against the chalk. There is no mailing it in here.
ROI -46.00%
Andrew Champagne
Andrew Champagne is a horse racing handicapper with a specialism in juveniles. One thing is for certain, Champagne gets the party started.
ROI 7.1%
Pete Truszkowski
Pete is a 25 year old who's been gambling for near a decade (yes, you read that accurately.) Born and raised on Long Island, Pete fell in love with hockey at the age of 4 and other sports followed shortly after.
ROI 41.87%
Christian Broughton
A former sportsbook trader with a passion for mixed martial arts. If there is value to be found then Christian is the man to find it.
ROI 33.57%
Sam Farley
A lifelong football and basketball fan with years of experience in the sports gambling industry, Sam is known for his incredibly deep knowledge of all things NFL and NBA
ROI 32.40%
Matt Zylbert
Zylbert has been writing about baseball over/under bets for nearly a decade, attaining notable success in just about each season. Throughout the last three years, the veteran gambling analyst has amassed a 307-239-25 (56.2%) record on regular season totals while always recommending to flat bet every game for one unit.
ROI 27.27%
Brad Evans
An award-winning writer and handicapper, Brad Evans is known for his humorous approach to sports gambling, specializing in the NFL and College Hoops. #FadeTheNoise
ROI 110%
Steve Bunce
Steve Bunce is one of the most well known faces in British boxing. A broadcaster with a deep knowledge of the sport.
ROI 108.63%
Brian Good
Brian is a sports journalist with close to ten years of experience in the business. A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan with a passion for the all things sports gambling.
ROI 103.56%
Drew Martin
With an athletic and financial background, Drew Martin and sports betting were the perfect marriage. During his tenure at the investment bank, Martin spent his nights handicapping and betting on sports and after steadily building his bankroll, felt it was time to move on to the next chapter of his life, in 2014 Martin became a full-time sports bettor and handicapper.
ROI 00.00%
Minty Bets
Well-known sports gambling personality Minty Bets has been giving out her NFL, NHL and MLB picks for years, and winning lots of money for those who choose to follow.
ROI 00.00%
Rucker Haringey
Sports journalist with an eye for the statistical side of betting. If there's an edge in the numbers, Rucker will find it
ROI 0%
Eytan Shander
Eytan is a 14-year talk radio veteran and has been doing local TV in Philadelphia for the past three years. He is currently hosting shows on SB Nation Radio & Fox Sports Radio in Philadelphia. Shander also contributes at FOX29’s Good Day as a sports analyst, such is his depth of knowledge. A great guy to follow if you want to know how the big game will go down.
ROI -2.11%
Dan Canova
Expert handicapper known for his deep knowledge of all things NBA and his ability to pick winners
ROI -18.32%
Stephen Rodriguez
Expert handicapper for both NBA and NCAAB with years of experience in the business
ROI -100%
Ben Rolfe
Ben is a football guru with years of experience covering the NFL. You can always count on Ben to pick a winner on Sunday!
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We are Oddschecker, a 100% free to use website, run by sports fans for sports fans. We partner with trusted bookmakers to compare the odds across a range of different types of bets and sports.

We also give you the power and control to find the best bets for you. Aside from just comparing the best odds in real time, we use our in house sports experts to provide you with the best free winning predictions, picks and parlays for just about every sport.

Where Can I Find Free Horse Racing Picks?

We’ve got everything a horse racing fan needs when it comes to picks. We cover an extensive range of events at all major horse racing tracks in the United States and further afield.

Whether you’re looking for picks on the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, the Arkansas Derby, or the Pacific Classic Stakes, you can be sure we have the best horse racing predictions and picks to help you make your betting choices.

Our horse racing experts have a real passion for the sport. They know their blinkers from their backstretch, their chalk from their clubhouse turn, and their margin from their morning line. This passion drives our experts to analyze every statistic and watch every race to be sure we bring the best horse racing picks and predictions to you.

All our horse racing predictions and picks are completely free of charge. We don’t take a penny from you, and simply ensure you place the right bet at the best value.

What Are the Most Common Types Of Horse Racing Picks?

If you are familiar with sports betting, but new to horse racing, you will find that there are some different bets you can place on horse races. Some of the typical horse racing picks we have are:

● The winner - a simple pick on which horse we think we will the race

● Place - a place bet is one that pays out if a horse finishes in the top few positions (the exact number varies from race to race). Oddschecker’s picks and predictions help you decide which horses our experts think will finish well, but not win

● Each Way - an each way bet is one that is split 50/50 over a win and a place wager

Our horse racing picks and predictions can help you decide which type of bet to place and on what horse.

Where Can I Find Winning Horse Racing Predictions?

Horse racing can have many variables. Different horses perform better with different ground conditions, weather, racecourses and with different jockeys. The best way to predict how a horse will perform in a particular race is to analyse how they have placed in the past, so our team of horse racing experts track each horse, look for trends and spot golden nuggets of information that gleen exclusive horse racing picks and predictions.

At Oddschecker, we have the most comprehensive horse racing predictions around. We cover all the hottest races, and then compare odds in real time to help you get the best value for your horse racing bets. Best of all, at Oddschecker, all our picks, predictions and parlays are totally free!

What is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is the highlight of the US horse racing calendar, with 20 horses taking part each year. Running since 1875, the race can only be entered once by each horse, making entry a once in a lifetime opportunity.

All horses that take part must be at least 3 years old and can only qualify for entry by taking part in “prep” races. These prep races begin in the September before the race, with different amounts of points awarded to different races and finishing positions. Each horse must have at least 140 points to qualify.

The Kentucky Derby race length is 1.25 miles on the dirt track at Churchill Downs, Louisville and is run counter-clockwise.

The race is a special event on the calendar, steeped in history and tradition. It attracts crowds in excess of 150,000 at the racetrack, while millions place bets both at the track and through online bookmakers. This creates a lot of demand for Kentucky Derby Predictions, as fans look to get the best value from their bets.

There are more traditions than just betting though. Every year since 1939, visitors to Churchill Downs have been able to buy souvenir glasses to drink from, with the design revised every year. A thick stew that’s known as “burgoo” is also a fan favourite, this local dish is made of beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables.

One of the best-known Kentucky Derby traditions is the blanket of 554 roses that are draped over the winning horse after the race. This has led to the event being referred to as “The Run for the Roses”.

When Is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is held each year on the first Saturday in May. It is the final event of the Kentucky Derby Festival which lasts for two weeks. This schedule has been uninterrupted since its first race in 1875, making it unique amongst other major sporting events.

Every year, horse racing fans enjoy the spring weather to absorb the history of the event and take part in its traditions. Millions of people place bets on the race hoping that their Kentucky Derby predictions are right. This makes early May one of the biggest events of the year for bookmakers.

Where Can I Find Kentucky Derby Picks?

As horses can only enter the Kentucky Derby once, it is important to make sure you make the right betting decisions. Oddschecker brings you the best Kentucky Derby picks and predictions to give you the edge on race day.

We analyze every detail and statistic, review each horse’s past performance, and track the conditions for race day to bring you the best picks for the Kentucky Derby.


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