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Oddschecker provides free picks for every single day of the NBA's regular season, all the way through to the Finals. Our expert handicappers come up with their picks through statistical modelling, analysis and film study. There are also picks for all the key Futures markets, including Finals Winner, MVP and Rookie Of The Year.

Oddschecker Handicappers

ROI 27.27%
Brad Evans
An award-winning writer and handicapper, Brad Evans is known for his humorous approach to sports gambling, specializing in the NFL and College Hoops. #FadeTheNoise
ROI -39%
Sam Farley
A lifelong football and basketball fan with years of experience in the sports gambling industry, Sam is known for his incredibly deep knowledge of all things NFL and NBA
ROI -2.11%
Dan Canova
Expert handicapper known for his deep knowledge of all things NBA and his ability to pick winners
ROI -18.32%
Stephen Rodriguez
Expert handicapper for both NBA and NCAAB with years of experience in the business
ROI 84.62%
Lou Monaco
Sweet Lou is a sportswriter with a passion and skill for picking winners on the track. Lou always knows when there's a horse you should be backing, whether it's the favorite or a longshot.
ROI 26.12%
Christian Broughton
A former sportsbook trader with a passion for mixed martial arts. If there is value to be found then Christian is the man to find it.
ROI 110%
Steve Bunce
Steve Bunce is one of the most well known faces in British boxing. A broadcaster with a deep knowledge of the sport.
ROI 108.63%
Brian Good
Brian is a sports journalist with close to ten years of experience in the business. A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan with a passion for the all things sports gambling.
ROI 00.00%
Minty Bets
Well-known sports gambling personality Minty Bets has been giving out her NFL, NHL and MLB picks for years, and winning lots of money for those who choose to follow.
ROI 00.00%
Rucker Haringey
Sports journalist with an eye for the statistical side of betting. If there's an edge in the numbers, Rucker will find it
ROI -51.11%
Carl Nicholson
Carl has been making his living via betting, and only betting, for over 30 years on both the American & UK/Ireland racing markets. He's also written best-selling books on horse racing. Carl's mantra is “horse racing is only a game & should be treated as such,but be a winner at any game you play."
ROI -46.00%
Andrew Champagne
Andrew Champagne is a horse racing handicapper with a specialism in juveniles. One thing is for certain, Champagne gets the party started.
ROI -100%
Ben Rolfe
Ben is a football guru with years of experience covering the NFL. You can always count on Ben to pick a winner on Sunday!
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We are Oddschecker, a 100% free to use website, run by sports fans for sports fans. We partner with trusted bookmakers to compare the odds across a range of different types of bets and sports. We also give you the power and control to find the best bets for you. Aside from just comparing the best odds in real time, we use our in house sports experts to provide you with the best free winning predictions, picks and parlays for just about every sport.

Where Can I Find The Best Free NBA Picks?

When it comes to basketball, we have you covered. Whether it’s predictions for upcoming NBA games or picks for NCAAB games, our free basketball picks and predictions give you the information you need to make a decision. We love basketball. We live and breath layups and three-pointers.

That’s why we don’t just watch every game, we analyze every statistic to make sure we can provide the best NBA predictions, picks and parlays. We have picks for the upcoming NBA games, as well as predictions on NBA futures including which teams will make the playoffs, conference winners, and NBA championship winners. Our team of basketball fanatics also predict futures for player awards like the winner of Rookie of the Year and Most Valued Player. All of our NBA picks, predictions and parlays are completely free. We don’t take a penny from you. We simply ensure you place the right bet at the best value.

NBA - Against The Spread Pick

At Oddschecker, we provide a daily against the spread pick on the NBA, selected by one of our hoops experts:

Check back for our daily picks when the NBA returns!

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NBA Picks Explained

Odds can give you a lot of information, allowing you to see who is the favorite to win a particular game. But, a number doesn’t explain why one team is favorite and why one is the underdog. Our basketball experts are NBA fanatics, watching every player’s performance to see who stands out and who is letting their side down. By knowing each team inside out, Oddcheckers' basketball experts can spot a great bet from a mile away, and when they do, they pass them on to you. Our regularly updated game previews will give you all the information you need to make a decision. Not only do we compare basketball odds, but we ensure basketball fans get the best possible insight ahead of each game.

What Are The Most Common Types Of NBA Picks?

At Oddschecker, we’ve got picks for just about everything in the NBA that you can bet on. Here are some of the types of NBA picks we cover.

● NBA Game Picks

Oddschecker compares the odds of every NBA game, covering moneyline, points spread, unders/overs, and more. We scour these odds to find the best picks that offer the best value to basketball fans.

● Futures: Championship Odds

We compare the odds for the winner of the NBA Championship. While every team has a theoretical chance of winning, only a few are really in contention each year. Our basketball experts review each team to provide the best picks for NBA champion.

● Futures: Playoffs

Like with the winner of the NBA Championship, we analyze the performance of each team to provide NBA picks for which teams will make it to the playoffs.

● Futures: Player and Coach Picks

Our NBA Picks don’t just cover teams. We provide picks on which player will win the awards for Most Valued Player and Rookie of the Year, as well as awards like who will win Coach of the Year.

● Futures: Total wins

At Oddschecker we compare the odds for over/under bets on both games and total wins in the regular NBA season. To complement this, we use our expertise to find the best picks on total wins bets. We painstakingly check ever detailed statistic to find the teams that offer the best value.

Who Are The Most Successful NBA Sides Of All Time?

Team Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors Chicago Bulls San Antonio Spurs Philadelphia 76ers Detroit Pistons Miami Heat New York Knicks
Number Of Championship Wins 17 16 6 6 5 3 3 3 2

Parlays Explained

A parlay bet, which is sometimes referred to as an accumulator, combo bet or multi bet, brings together multiple wagers into a single bet. For example, in a two team parlay, you must pick the winner of two games for your bet to be successful.

Parlays are popular amongst sports fans as they typically offer a larger payout than a single game bet. With a parlay, even a very small wager could yield a large payout. The downside is that parlays are harder to win because it requires the successful picking of outcomes for multiple games. The good news is Oddschecker provides some of the best picks for NBA parlays. Just like with our other NBA predictions, our basketball experts provide you parlays that offer best value.

Where Can I Find NBA Futures Predictions?

Future are bets made far in advance of the event taking place. In basketball, these are typically bets on things like who will win the NBA Championship, or which player will be awarded Most Valued Player. Typically the odds for a futures bet is better than when the event is imminent because the team or player will have a lot more work to do for them to achieve the winning outcome.

NBA Futures can be more difficult to predict because they are placed much further ahead of time that a typical bet on an NBA game. At Oddschecker, we put together NBA futures predictions using analysis of players, teams and all other statistics that could affect performance.


We don’t just provide NBA predictions and picks at Oddschecker. Our team of basketball experts also review every single second of the NCAAB to keep you up to date with the latest picks, predictions and game previews.

Whether you’re involved in a bracket for March Madness, or you follow college basketball all season, our NCAAB picks will ensure you’re able to make the best decisions. We provide game previews and futures for all of the college basketball conferences, including the SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, and Big East.

Click here to view our NCAAB Picks.


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