NFL Picks

NFL Picks
Using data, trends and insight from expert handicappers, Oddschecker provides picks for every game of the NFL season. Ahead of the start of the 2020 season, check out all of our analysis on the key futures markets and the best bets to place.

NFL Picks

NFL Picks
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1Kansas City Chiefs14-5-0+973.7%26.3%0.0%+5.0
2Los Angeles Rams11-5-0+668.8%31.3%0.0%-0.8
3New Orleans Saints11-6-0+564.7%35.3%0.0%+2.1
4San Francisco 49ers12-7-0+563.2%36.8%0.0%+6.1
5Baltimore Ravens10-6-1+458.8%35.3%5.9%+8.2
6Green Bay Packers11-7-0+461.1%38.9%0.0%-0.3
7Buffalo Bills9-6-2+352.9%35.3%11.8%+2.7
8Dallas Cowboys9-7-0+256.3%43.8%0.0%+1.8
9Denver Broncos9-7-0+256.3%43.8%0.0%+0.5
10Arizona Cardinals9-7-0+256.3%43.8%0.0%+0.4
11Miami Dolphins9-7-0+256.3%43.8%0.0%-1.3
12Minnesota Vikings10-8-0+255.6%44.4%0.0%+2.8
13Tennessee Titans10-8-1+252.6%42.1%5.3%+4.9
14Atlanta Falcons8-8-0050.0%50.0%0.0%+1.1
15Oakland Raiders8-8-0050.0%50.0%0.0%-4.0
16New England Patriots8-8-1047.1%47.1%5.9%+1.6
17Indianapolis Colts7-7-2043.8%43.8%12.5%-0.9
18Pittsburgh Steelers7-7-2043.8%43.8%12.5%-1.4
19Houston Texans8-9-1-144.4%50.0%5.6%-0.9
20Seattle Seahawks8-9-1-144.4%50.0%5.6%-1.2
21New York Jets7-9-0-243.8%56.3%0.0%-0.3
22New York Giants7-9-0-243.8%56.3%0.0%-3.2
23Jacksonville Jaguars7-9-0-243.8%56.3%0.0%-3.8
24Philadelphia Eagles7-10-0-341.2%58.8%0.0%-1.4
25Cincinnati Bengals6-9-1-337.5%56.3%6.3%-3.2
26Carolina Panthers6-9-1-337.5%56.3%6.3%-6.3
27Detroit Lions6-10-0-437.5%62.5%0.0%-1.0
28Washington Redskins6-10-0-437.5%62.5%0.0%-3.2
29Tampa Bay Buccaneers5-9-2-431.3%56.3%12.5%+1.4
30Cleveland Browns5-10-1-531.3%62.5%6.3%-4.3
31Los Angeles Chargers4-10-2-625.0%62.5%12.5%-2.1
32Chicago Bears4-12-0-825.0%75.0%0.0%-2.7

Oddschecker Handicappers

ROI 27.27%
Brad Evans
An award-winning writer and handicapper, Brad Evans is known for his humorous approach to sports gambling, specializing in the NFL and College Hoops. #FadeTheNoise
ROI 108.63%
Brian Good
Brian is a sports journalist with close to ten years of experience in the business. A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan with a passion for the all things sports gambling.
ROI 00.00%
Minty Bets
Well-known sports gambling personality Minty Bets has been giving out her NFL, NHL and MLB picks for years, and winning lots of money for those who choose to follow.
ROI 00.00%
Rucker Haringey
Sports journalist with an eye for the statistical side of betting. If there's an edge in the numbers, Rucker will find it
ROI -39%
Sam Farley
A lifelong football and basketball fan with years of experience in the sports gambling industry, Sam is known for his incredibly deep knowledge of all things NFL and NBA
ROI -100%
Ben Rolfe
Ben is a football guru with years of experience covering the NFL. You can always count on Ben to pick a winner on Sunday!
ROI 84.62%
Lou Monaco
Sweet Lou is a sportswriter with a passion and skill for picking winners on the track. Lou always knows when there's a horse you should be backing, whether it's the favorite or a longshot.
ROI 35.42%
Christian Broughton
A former sportsbook trader with a passion for mixed martial arts. If there is value to be found then Christian is the man to find it.
ROI 110%
Steve Bunce
Steve Bunce is one of the most well known faces in British boxing. A broadcaster with a deep knowledge of the sport.
ROI -51.11%
Carl Nicholson
Carl has been making his living via betting, and only betting, for over 30 years on both the American & UK/Ireland racing markets. He's also written best-selling books on horse racing. Carl's mantra is “horse racing is only a game & should be treated as such,but be a winner at any game you play."
ROI -46.00%
Andrew Champagne
Andrew Champagne is a horse racing handicapper with a specialism in juveniles. One thing is for certain, Champagne gets the party started.
ROI -2.11%
Dan Canova
Expert handicapper known for his deep knowledge of all things NBA and his ability to pick winners
ROI -18.32%
Stephen Rodriguez
Expert handicapper for both NBA and NCAAB with years of experience in the business
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Whether you’re new to betting on the NFL or you’re looking for some inspiration and a different angle on an upcoming match-up, Oddschecker is the place to be for weekly NFL picks and NFL predictions from some of the best football analysts and bettors in the country.

Each week, Oddscheckers’ analysts will dive deep into the pre-game data to try and spot potential NFL picks that could beat the spread offered by many of the biggest sportsbooks in the U.S.

Where Can I Find The Best Free NFL Picks?

At Oddschecker, you won’t have to pay a cent for our NFL insight. Whether it’s the Sunday games or the Monday Night Football (MNF) action, you can rely on plenty of things to consider with detailed pre-game previews and NFL picks made on the basis of our analysts’ proven opinions.

NFL Picks Explained

As part of our NFL predictions articles, our analysts run a “Statschecker” article section that highlight five key pre-game factors. These are points of note that could prove influential in the outcome of a game and may make you aware of statistics or news you weren’t aware of, helping you to make an informed betting decision ahead of the big game.

Although we run a dedicated Statschecker website that you can use free of charge (because we’re kind like that), before most games our experts will give you several tasty nuggets to arm you with a quick overview before the action begins.

We will also do our best to publish early picks for the next week of NFL action as soon as the latest one is complete. This is because some of the opening lines of the following week sometimes show an overreaction to the results of the latest week. This is where our popular NFL predictions come in, as you can get great-value selections earlier than elsewhere online and beat the spread.

What Are Against The Spread Picks?

Betting on point spreads, more commonly known as 'against the spread picks' is one of the most popular NFL picks among fans and bettors. Each NFL game has a favorite and an underdog. Sportsbooks will determine how big a favorite is by a certain number of points. For example, if the LA Rams were -7.5 to “win the spread”, they would have to win by eight points or more to underline their favoritism. Some oddsmakers can get the spread wrong and that’s where Oddschecker comes in. Our NFL analysts will pinpoint spreads where underdogs or favorites are over or under priced, giving you plenty of winning NFL picks against the spread.

We've got you covered at Oddschecker with expert against the spread selections for every single NFL gameday:

Date Game Expert Pick
N/A Check back soon for our ATS picks N/A

The easiest form of NFL betting is to wager on the moneyline. This is a form of outright betting, where you only have to decide which team wins or loses. When you wager on the favorite on the moneyline, you will have to risk more money to win. For instance, if you wanted to bet on the Patriots to win at -300 against the Dolphins, you would have to wager $300 to win $100. Prop bets are also an exciting way to bet on the NFL, with wagers regularly offered by sportsbooks based on how specific players or teams will perform throughout the game. Whether it’s choosing which team scores the game’s first touchdown or whether Tom Brady will rack up more passing yards than the previous week, these are all fun prop bets to make the upcoming action more exciting.

Arguably the more exotic NFL picks are parlays that involve two or more selections in a single wager to generate increased payouts. We’ll touch more on why parlays are great fun for NFL betting shortly...

Parlays Explained

Parlays are one of the most skilful types of NFL predictions to make. Primarily because they require multiple selections to go in your favor for the bet to win. Parlays are the American version of “accumulator” bets placed in the UK on live sporting events. You can include as little as two selections in a parlay or as many as 12 selections.

The crucial element of an NFL parlay is that all selections must win for the overall bet to win and pay out. Even if just one game in your parlay bundle loses, your entire wager is considered a loss. This means you could get 11 of your 12 selections correct and still lose your bet. However, some sportsbooks do offer incentives for parlays, allowing you to receive a refund if only one of your parlay selections lets you down.

It’s important to note that sportsbooks will always calculate the odds of parlays in their favor. However, with the insight and guidance from Oddschecker’s NFL predictions articles, you can wager at a greater advantage and give you more of a chance of beating the bookie. Our NFL parlay articles provide recommended parlay tickets for the next round of NFL games. Some of which are designed to go against betting trends and instead support the raw data that may yield good value opportunities.

Where Can I Find NFL Futures Predictions?

At Oddschecker, we don’t just look at short-term NFL predictions, we look further into the future to pinpoint value NFL picks too. Futures NFL betting is particularly popular, allowing you to place long-term value bets on potential outcomes such as teams winning their conference or even the Super Bowl outright.

At the start of each NFL season, we’ll look at the success of each team’s most recent NFL Draft and their performances in preseason, before making informed NFL picks on futures markets to help you get the best price for your hard-earned bucks. We like to think of NFL futures as a way of keeping things interesting for the entire season, while our shorter term parlays and spread picks can give you purpose and direction with your weekly NFL betting too!

Don’t forget – on the right-hand side of this page, you’ll also be able to spot the NFL markets that are proving most popular among other Oddschecker users, whether it’s points spreads, points totals or moneyline bets, you can follow the crowd too if you wish.

Who Are The Recent NFL MVP Winners?

The last 10 NFL MVP winners are some of the biggest names in the sport and it's vital to take this into consideration when wagering, the best players always affect the biggest games.

Year 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
Team Lamar Jackson Patrick Mahomes Tom Brady Matt Ryan Cam Newton Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning Adrian Peterson Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Peyton Manning

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