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Our handicappers are as passionate about college football as you are. When they're not watching game film they're breaking down the stats, to provide you with free picks for all the biggest games.

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Brad Evans
An award-winning writer and handicapper, Brad Evans is known for his humorous approach to sports gambling, specializing in the NFL and College Hoops. #FadeTheNoise
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Brian Good
Brian is a sports journalist with close to ten years of experience in the business. A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan with a passion for the all things sports gambling.
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Minty Bets
Well-known sports gambling personality Minty Bets has been giving out her NFL, NHL and MLB picks for years, and winning lots of money for those who choose to follow.
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Rucker Haringey
Sports journalist with an eye for the statistical side of betting. If there's an edge in the numbers, Rucker will find it
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Sam Farley
A lifelong football and basketball fan with years of experience in the sports gambling industry, Sam is known for his incredibly deep knowledge of all things NFL and NBA
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Ben Rolfe
Ben is a football guru with years of experience covering the NFL. You can always count on Ben to pick a winner on Sunday!
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Lou Monaco
Sweet Lou is a sportswriter with a passion and skill for picking winners on the track. Lou always knows when there's a horse you should be backing, whether it's the favorite or a longshot.
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Carl Nicholson
Carl has been making his living via betting, and only betting, for over 30 years on both the American & UK/Ireland racing markets. He's also written best-selling books on horse racing. Carl's mantra is “horse racing is only a game & should be treated as such,but be a winner at any game you play."
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Steve Bunce
Steve Bunce is one of the most well known faces in British boxing. A broadcaster with a deep knowledge of the sport.
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Andrew Champagne
Andrew Champagne is a horse racing handicapper with a specialism in juveniles. One thing is for certain, Champagne gets the party started.
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Dan Canova
Expert handicapper known for his deep knowledge of all things NBA and his ability to pick winners
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Stephen Rodriguez
Expert handicapper for both NBA and NCAAB with years of experience in the business
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Christian Broughton
A former sportsbook trader with a passion for mixed martial arts. If there is value to be found then Christian is the man to find it.
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NCAA College Football (NCAAF) is one of the most beloved sports in the US among fans and punters. In fact, about 50 million people attend college football games each year. Several elite NCAAF teams regularly draw over 100,000 spectators per game. Millions more tune into TV and online streaming broadcasts.

There’s no shortage of exciting betting action during the NCAAF season with 130 teams competing in the top division of college football. And thanks to new betting markets opening across the US, residents in a growing number of states are getting the chance to play college football picks for the first time.

At Oddschecker, we use expert analysis to bring you the best college football predictions all season long.

Where Can I Find The Best Free College Football Picks?

Oddschecker is the leading site for free college football picks. We are a comprehensive odds and predictions source for sports fans by sports fans. We understand how difficult it can be to find current and accurate college football predictions.

That’s why Oddschecker’s network of top NCAAF experts work around the clock researching picks and bets just for you. We evaluate college football matches every week of the season and bring you the very best in choice bets at great prices.

College Football Picks Explained

Betting on college football is not something you have to do alone. Nor do you have to be an expert on every team and every game. Each week of the season, countless college football analysts and betting experts crunch the numbers to bring you the latest gameday information. Assisted by advanced computer models, these pros look at team matchups, injury reports, recent outcomes, and betting trends among other data. Oddschecker is at the center of college football betting research. Our experts dive deep to find the best college football picks and predictions every week.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Picks?

Oddschecker gives you a range of popular college football bets on high-profile and under-the-radar games each week of the NCAAF season. We do the same for postseason bowl games and the College Football Playoffs (CFP). Bets against the spread are the most common among college football punters.

These bets are interesting because you can place a possible winning wager on either team regardless of how mismatched one side might be against the other. The team that performs better than expected wins the bet. This happens even if that team loses the game.

A point spread bet at a bookmaker for a game between Army and Navy would look like this:

Army +10.5 Navy -10.5

The team with the negative sign (-) preceding the number is the favorite while the team with the positive sign (+) preceding the number is the underdog. The numbers represent the point spread.

In this example, Navy is the favorite, Army is the underdog, and the point spread is 10.5. A bet on Navy wins only if they win the game by 11 or more points. A winning bet on Army results if they either win the game outright or lose by 10 or fewer points.

A team is said to “cover the spread” if they meet the conditions for winning a point spread bet. If neither team covers the spread, i.e., the favorite wins the game by fewer points than the spread, a “push” occurs and punters receive a refund of their stake.

Point spread betting in NFL games works the same way as NCAAF. A moneyline bet, also called an outright, is a bet for one team to win the game. In this way, moneylines are the simplest college football bet. You win the wager if the team you pick defeats the opponent. The margin of victory doesn’t matter as it does in point spread betting.

In order to maintain profits, bookmakers manipulate moneyline payout amounts based on how big of a favorite each team. Otherwise, everyone could bet on a heavily favored side and the bookmaker would run out of money if that side won.

A moneyline for a college football game between Clemson and Ohio State would look like this:

Clemson -130

Ohio State +110

Like point spread bets, the team with the negative sign (-) preceding the number is the favorite, which is Clemson in this case. The team with the positive sign (+) preceding the number is the underdog. Ohio State is the underdog here. The larger the number, the greater the team is the favorite or the underdog. The number indicates the bet or payout information relative to $100. The negative number next to the favorite team is the amount you must wager to win $100. The positive number next to the underdog team is the amount you receive for a correct $100 wager.

In our example moneyline, a punter would wager $130 on Clemson for a $100 profit when Clemson wins the game. If Ohio State wins the game, a punter who played a $100 bet on the team would receive a $110 profit. Winning punters see their original stake returned as well as the winning amount. The concepts of college football moneylines apply to other gridiron leagues. Once you understand the basics here, you’re equipped to bet on NFL Super Bowl outrights.

Parlays Explained

Ever wish you could combine a series of college football bets into a single wager and maximize your payout?

You can with parlays!

College football parlays include between two and 12 single bets bundled into one wager. All selections in the parlay must win in order for the parlay to pay out. The parlay is void and pays out nothing if there’s even one losing bet. The upside with a winning parlay is a payout exponentially greater than that of a single winning bet. Some bookmakers may offer a parlay incentive that refunds your stake if only one of the included bets proves incorrect.

Winning a parlay takes skill. Oddschecker gives you all the information you need with our free parlay picks and analysis. Just take a look at the selected NCAAF parlays from our sports betting experts and play the one right for you.

Who Provides The Best College Football Predictions?

When you bet on college football picks from Oddschecker, your stake is backed by the most researched predictions in the industry. Oddschecker also compiles the latest NCAAF college odds from a variety of top bookmakers operating around the world. We bring you college football betting odds with a simple, side-by-side format that is convenient for viewing on your mobile device or computer at a glance.

Sports bettors trust our college football predictions for a reason—we have been in the business of helping punters play smart money for 20 years with our 100% free odds comparison service.

Heisman Trophy Winners

The biggest players affect the biggest games, therefore it's key to know who the best are when placing your college football wagers. The Heisman Trophy is given to the best player of the season in the NCAAF. Here's the last 10 Heisman Trophy winners:

Year 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Team Joe Burrow Kyler Murray Baker Mayfield Lamar Jackson Derrick Henry Marcus Mariota Jameis Winston Johnny Manziel Robert Griffin III Cam Newton

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