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Blues Vladimir Tarasenko

St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche Best Bets: Can the Blues Force a Game 7?

NHL handicapper JT Miller is here with his best bets for tonight's Stanley Cup Playoffs. He breaks down Game 6 between the St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanche and gives us his best bets.

JT Miller
May 27 | 5:30pm | 6 min read

St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche Player Prop Prediction: Will Brandon Saad Hit This Prop Again?

Handicapper Matt McCuen is back again with another top NHL bet for Friday night's St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche Game 6. This time he's going back to a familiar player prop on Brandon Saad.

Matt McCuen
May 27, 3:55pm
6 min read

St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche Prediction: Can Nathan MacKinnon and Colorado Close Out the Series?

Handicapper Matt McCuen is here breaking down Friday night's lone Stanley Cup Playoffs game between the Colorado Avalanche and St. Louis Blues. Matt previews the game and gives us his best bet on the ice tonight.

Matt McCuen
May 27, 2:20pm
5 min read

Thursday's NHL Playoff Best Bets: Hurricanes vs. Rangers, Oilers vs. Flames

JT Miller makes his predictions and picks for the Hurricanes vs. Rangers and Oilers vs. Flames matchups tonight.

JT Miller
May 26, 5:08pm
5 min read

Calgary Flames vs. Edmonton Oilers Prediction: Can the Flames Snap Their Losing Streak?

The Calgary Flames are down 3-1 and have lost three straight. Will they snap their losing streak? Matt McCuen answers.

Matt McCuen
May 26, 1:54pm
5 min read

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Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers Prediction: Will There Be An Abundance of Goals in Game 5?

The Edmonton Oilers look to pull off the upset and defeat the Calgary Flames in Game 5 of the Battle of Alberta tonight at the Scotiabank Saddledome. Tone's Takes breaks down the game.

Tone's Takes
May 26, 9:26am
5 min read

Colorado Avalanche vs. St. Louis Blues Best Bets: Will Vladimir Tarasenko Get on the Scoresheet?

Handicapper Ben Rajavuori is here with his best bets for tonight's Colorado Avalanche vs. St. Louis Blues Game 5 clash on TNT.

Ben Rajavuori
May 25, 3:20pm
7 min read

Colorado Avalanche vs. St. Louis Blues Player Prop Prediction: Can Brandon Saad Get Shots Off in Game 5?

Handicapper Matt McCuen is here breaking down Wednesday night's lone Stanley Cup Playoffs game between the Colorado Avalanche and St. Louis Blues. Matt previews the game and gives us a player prop for tonight.

Matt McCuen
May 25, 2:45pm
6 min read

St. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche Prediction: Can the Avalanche Close it Out at Home?

The Colorado Avalanche host the St. Louis Blues in what is the second elimination game of the second round. Will the Av's be able to close it out?

Tone's Takes
May 25, 9:15am
5 min read

Tuesday NHL Playoff Best Bets: Rangers vs Hurricanes, Oilers vs Flames

JT Miller brings you his best bets for Tuesday's NHL Playoffs. He narrows in on the New York Rangers vs Carolina Hurricanes and Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames.

JT Miller
May 24, 5:15pm
7 mins read

NHL Picks & Parlays Explained

NHL picks can come from a variety of different places and depending on your betting system, one type or another may be more beneficial to you. Normally, these picks can be broken down into three categories, computer picks, expert picks and consensus picks. Utilizing several of these different types will give you a wide spectrum of expert NHL picks to draw from when you go to place your wagers.

Expert picks are the result of the professional analysis and experience of the world’s best handicappers. The OddsChecker handicapper team has put together an entire section of expert NHL picks and parlays for our users.

Computer picks are geared toward those that are looking for a more scientific approach. These types of picks are chosen by algorithms that compare historical data and other factors in every NHL matchup. If you are looking to cut out all of the emotion and intuition and just go for a decisive probability pick, this type is perfect for you.

Consensus picks represent which side of the bet the general public is leaning towards. These types of NHL predictions can be somewhat controversial. Some experts would suggest that the public at large will pick the better team overall, while others would suggest that the greater public will often be on the wrong side of a bet. In the end, it’s best to refer to the picks that are delivered from professional handicappers. The OddsChecker team is made up of incredibly skilled and experienced sports bettors and continuously provides you the best free NHL picks available anywhere.

Parlay bets are when you combine several different wagers together. This can normally combine many different types of bets like moneyline, totals, prop bets and more. In a parlay bet, every individual bet on the parlay must be successful in order for the entire parlay to be a winner. While this of course is more difficult than just one individual bet, the potential payout is also much larger as well. This is a great way to turn a smaller sized wager into a profitable payout.

For example, an NHL parlay bet can work like this:

On one ticket, you are placing three moneyline bets for three different games. These are the teams you have chosen to win their respective games and the odds that they will be the winner.


Boston to win: +150 (2.50)

Leafs to win: -150 (1.67)

Flames to win: -200 (1.50)

Utilizing the decimal odds makes it easier to calculate the parlay odds. Multiplying the decimal odds together, 2.50 x 1.67 x 1.50, leaves us with 6.26, which is +526 in American odds. That means if your entire parlay is successful, you will receive +526 on top of your initial bet. A $100 bet would return a total payout of $626 in this scenario.

Parlays can be a powerful and entertaining way to place sports wagers. Of course, when placing parlay wagers, it’s very important to know the latest NHL picks and parlays to make sure you have the expert’s opinions. Luckily the OddsChecker platform is dedicated to providing you excellent NHL picks against the spread and the best NHL odds available.

Point spread betting is a popular type of wager in team-based sports. With point spread bets, you are placing a wager on whether you think a team will win by a certain margin. The favorite team to win is given a point handicap like -1.5 and an underdog to win is given extra points like 1.5. At the end of the game, you subtract or add this extra margin from your chosen team’s final score. If they have more points after this, your team is the winner and your bet is successful.

Betting against the spread means you are picking the underdog in a given matchup to beat the spread. While sometimes the moneyline odds between two teams can be very close, spread betting provides a great opportunity to place a wager with favorable odds and still bet on your favorite team. When you pick an against the spread bet, normally this will return a good amount for your bet if successful. Luckily here at OddsChecker our professional handicappers continuously provide Expert NHL Picks to our fans so you always know if a particular spread bet has better chances than the odds show, meaning a value play for you.

The OddsChecker team is here to provide you with the best NHL predictions available anywhere, and as always this is completely free to you. We are here to be your edge against the market with all of the odds for the best sportsbooks, NHL expert picks, and sportsbooks reviews so you can find the perfect platform for your bets.

Our handicapper team, which includes Pete Truszkowski, is made up of some incredibly talented and passionate sports fans with decades of experience in the NHL betting markets. If you are looking for free NHL picks and parlays, there is truly no better place online than Oddschecker.


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