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Super Tuesday Odds, Predictions and Betting Data

Donald Trump is heavily favored to sweep on Super Tuesday and become the Republican nominee for the 2024 general election. He has a chance to take a commanding lead over Nikki Haley on Tuesday night, but how likely is that to happen? Let's take a look at the latest Super Tuesday odds and explore the probabilities.

Peter Alexis
March 5 | 5:30pm | 7 min read

Joe Biden Presidential Odds: Biden Given 29% Chance to Win Presidency

The 2024 election is in a dead heat, with the incumbent President trying to tread water amidst rocky press. Can Joe Biden right the ship and get back on track against Donald Trump before November? Let's take a look at where Joe Biden stands on Super Tuesday.

Donald Trump Presidential Odds: Trump Given 50% Chance to Win Presidency

Super Tuesday will decide many of the exciting primary races remaining on the path to the Republican nomination, and Donald Trump is currently dominating the field. He is already sitting with favorable odds to become the next U.S. President, so let's take a look at his chances as the race heats up.

Super Tuesday Odds: 86% Chance Donald Trump Wins Every State in the 2024 Republican Presidential Primaries

The Super Tuesday primaries will all but decide the Republican nominee for the 2024 election tomorrow. Can Donald Trump win all 10 with a clean sweep? Let's take a look at the latest odds with the heavily favored former President dominating in the polls.

Republican Candidate Odds: Donald Trump vs Nikki Haley

The 2024 election is rapidly advancing towards Super Tuesday, and the race is down to Donald Trump vs. Nikki Haley. Trump holds a massive lead in the polls, but Haley will try to make one final charge with 10 primaries on Tuesday, March 5th. Let's take a look at the odds ahead of time.

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Is Michelle Obama Running For President?

While Michelle Obama is third in the odds market, is she running for President? Read on to see what Michelle Obama's Presidential odds are.

Mar 4, 11:38am
5 min read

2024 Trump VP Odds: Kristi Noem Still The Favorite To Become Trump's Vice President

The odds are moving in Donald Trump's favor to win the 2024 Presidential Election but who will be his VP? Kriti Noem is still the favorite to become Trump's Vice President.

Will Trump Win in 2024? Exploring the Odds and Potential Outcomes

The 2024 primary is rapidly approaching Super Tuesday, and the lead continues to grow for Donald Trump. Will he be able to win the general election in November? Let's take a look at the latest odds as the race surges on.

Feb 28, 10:10am
5 min read

Is Michelle Obama Running For President?

Is Michelle Obama running for President? Well the odds say there is a 20% the former First Lady could run. Take a closer look at Michelle Obamas US Presidential odds.

Feb 28, 9:40am
5 min read

Will Michelle Obama Run for President? Michelle Obama’s Democratic Candidate Odds Slashed

Will Michelle Obama run for President in 2024? Her Democratic Candidate odds got slashed. Check out Michelle Obama's latest odds to win the Democratic nomination.

Feb 13, 12:32pm
5 min read

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