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If you are searching for the best soccer betting experience, you’ve come to the right place. At OddsChecker, we only list the most reputable and trusted US sportsbooks that offer prices on scheduled games in the MLS and across the Atlantic in Europe’s biggest leagues like the EPL, Bundesliga and La Liga.

You can find soccer odds and soccer betting lines suitable for pre-game and futures markets. Our soccer odds grids typically cover upcoming league and cup fixtures, allowing you to find the best value moneyline selections on the outright winner, as well as prop bets on the final score or first goal scorer and futures odds on prospective league or tournament winners. Meanwhile our comprehensive choice of soccer betting lines allows you to take a laser-like approach to your soccer betting by wagering on anything from handicap lines through to over/under goal lines.

How do Odds Work in Soccer?

There are three types of soccer odds markets that are rapidly growing in popularity among US sportsbooks and are provided for most of the biggest soccer leagues on the planet:

Point spread

The point spread in soccer betting works in similar fashion to other major sports like football and basketball. If your chosen sportsbook sets the points spread at 1.5 for an upcoming game, the favorite must win the game by two clear goals for you to win a bet on the favorite. With a 1.5 spread, it’s also possible to bet on the underdog to lose by only one clear goal or, better still, tie the game or win it outright.


While the point spread is arguably the most popular of soccer odds as it hones in on the favorite or underdog winning and removes the impact of a regulation draw, there are still plenty of soccer bettors that prefer to wager on the moneyline. Moneyline soccer odds will be offered on Team A, Team B and the match ending in a Tie. Our soccer odds grids will display the best available moneyline prices as well as the tightest point spreads on offer from America’s legalized sportsbooks.

Over/Under Goal Line

Undoubtedly the most liquid of soccer betting lines, the over/under goal line allows soccer fans to bet on the likelihood of a match finishing above or below the total number of goals anticipated by sports traders pre-game. Traders will set their benchmark goal lines based on statistics of teams’ previous games, using their goal difference and xG data to measure the quality and potency of each team’s offense.

What do Odds of +200 Mean in Soccer?

It is not uncommon to see odds of +200 on moneyline soccer odds. Positive and negative moneyline odds are still the most popular form of odds for betting on soccer. Whenever you see a team with a positive +200 moneyline, this is the amount you would win if you placed a $100 wager on them to win. For example, if you bet on LA Galaxy to win with $100 at +200, you would receive $200 in winnings, as well as your $100 stake back. Odds of +200 in soccer are the equivalent of decimal odds of 3.0 and fractional odds of 2/1.

How are Soccer Betting Odds Determined and Calculated?

It is not an easy task for US sportsbooks to price up soccer betting lines on upcoming games. Traders and odds compilers will work together to produce soccer odds that are an accurate reflection of each team’s chances of winning the game. Each team’s probability will be calculated based on their recent form, their standings in the league tables, the fitness of their key players, the nominated referee and their level of motivation to win. Aside from this, risk analysts will also assess the weight of money that is likely to be placed on each team by bettors. Odds on heavy favorites therefore tend to be shorter than the odds of their statistical probability as a result.

The traders of soccer betting sites will also price in a ‘margin’ in the price of pre-game odds and lines, which is the percentage of profit generated by the sportsbook, regardless of the game’s outcome. It’s the task of online soccer betting experts to pinpoint odds where the sportsbooks’ traders and risk analysts have incorrectly priced up a game. Although it’s not often that this is the case, it’s more likely to happen in lesser-known leagues where team information is not so readily available. If you have an in-depth knowledge of a minor league – or even a major league like the MLS or EPL – it can stand you in good stead to find the best value soccer odds.

What are the Best Odds to Bet in Soccer?

It’s important to note that if you want to become profitable over the long-term with your online soccer betting you need to consider what the best value soccer odds are for your strategy. As a general rule of thumb, profitable soccer bettors tend to make selections at an average price of +100 – known as evens in fractional odds and 2.0 in decimal odds. By betting with average soccer odds of +100 or better, soccer bettors only need to be correct 51% of the time to maintain profitability. Some will set their average odds even higher at around the +200 or +300 mark. An average odd of +300 will mean only 26% of your selections need to be winners. Ultimately, it’s up to you how risk-averse you want to be in determining value soccer picks that will grow your betting bankroll long-term.

What is the Best League to Bet on Soccer?

There are dozens of professional domestic soccer leagues that operate in all four corners of the globe. This makes it hard to drill down and find the best leagues, particularly if you are new to online soccer betting. That’s why we’ve put together a definitive list of the best leagues for soccer betting odds, including the pros and cons of each domestic league:

Major League Soccer (MLS)

Pros: Growing coverage across major US networks; An even league compared with other leading domestic leagues; Best value odds available at OddsChecker

Cons: Weaker rosters than most leading domestic leagues; No relegation from MLS means lots of dead rubber matches.

English Premier League (EPL)

Pros: Unrivalled pre-game and in-play coverage across global TV networks; Star-studded team rosters; Biggest selection of prop bets; Lower betting margins; Greater betting limits

Cons: Sportsbooks rarely misprice EPL odds pre-game

La Liga

Pros: Excellent pre-game and in-play coverage

Cons: Predictable league with Barcelona and Real Madrid the usual title winners; Weaker teams in the bottom half of the table


Pros: Very competitive league; High-scoring league suits overs goal line betting strategies; Attracting plenty of young English talent

Cons: Bayern Munich tend to dominate the Bundesliga title; Team rosters lack big-name players outside of Munich

Serie A

Pros: Low-scoring league suits unders goal line betting strategies; Home advantage less influential which makes for unpredictable betting markets

Cons: Juventus heavily dominant winning the last nine Serie A titles; Huge disparity between top-four teams and the rest of Serie A

Ligue 1

Pros: Lowest scoring major European league ideal for unders goal line betting strategies; Good coverage across major TV networks

Cons: Paris Saint-Germain heavily dominate the Ligue 1 title as one of the world’s richest clubs; Slower pace of games; Weaker rosters than all other league listed above

• English Championship

Pros: World’s most lucrative second tier division; One of the most unpredictable leagues in world soccer; Majority of the league capable of reaching the postseason playoffs

Cons: Sportsbooks rarely misprice Championship odds pre-game

What are the Best Sites for Soccer Odds?

Now that you know the best leagues for online soccer betting, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best soccer betting sites that offer regulated and legalized soccer odds across several US states and beyond:

FanDuel Sportsbook

Originally an exclusive provider of daily fantasy sports (DFS), FanDuel has expanded its product offering to include a huge choice of pre-game and in-play soccer betting lines. It’s now owned by the Paddy Power Betfair Group, which is one of the leading brands in the world of sports betting.


FOX Bet, of FOX Sports fame, is one of the newest additions to the legalized US sportsbook market. They offer a huge choice of pre-game, props and in-play soccer bets online and via its native Android and iOS mobile app.

Draft Kings Sportsbook

America’s #1 DFS portal, open to users in over 40 states, Draft King has recently launched its very own sportsbook. It’s only available to NJ-based soccer fans at present but covers a good range of European soccer leagues as well as North American.

William Hill Sportsbook

One of the most trusted sports betting brands on the planet, William Hill is an historic sportsbook that has been offering sports betting markets in the US since 2012. As a British operator, soccer is one of its biggest sports.


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